“We have already reported that we have some positive cases, especially in the coach and supervisor, but also in the player area. Frank Kramer also belongs,” Sport Managing Director Samir Arabi said at the press conference on Saturday.

In addition to the coach, six professionals are currently affected by an infection at the East Westphalia. Location of the game is not in the room according to Arabi. “There are rules and statutes we are currently working on. Stand now,” said the 43-year-old, assured: “We have a quick troop that will go out in Dortmund.”

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The team is headed against BVB (Sunday, 5.30 pm, live! Bei Samir Arabi) of co-trainer Ilia Gruev, who described the mood in the team despite the Corona problem as “very good”: “shows in difficult times The character of a team. Our boys are hot and want to play. That’s very positive. “