PUBG Season 7 Trailer

On April 21, the seventh season of Pubg will be launched. Season 7 will be one of the most important to date according to the developers. This means tons of new equipment that can be unlocked through the season’s pass as well as difficult challenges. However, the most flagrant difference this time is the highly anticipated return of the Vikendi card. Vikendi has undergone a massive redesign and will come back with a new shiny train system to start.

Vikendi has been totally reworked. This fans favorite will now have its own train system that will connect the different parts of the map. As you can imagine, it will result in a lot of intense, strange and outright hilarious moments throughout a match. The addition of a rail network has been part of the rumors for some time, but it is now official. This will obviously allow players to move on the map much faster than before without taking a vehicle and risk being detected by another team.

The famous mosin latch rifle Nagant will also be introduced in PUBG for the first time. This battle horse of the First World War and the Second World War could not have the beautiful appearance of Kar98, but it will always work. It can always be equipped with all the extent and other useful attachments you expect. The Nagant has been added to give the game a little more diversity with regard to long rifles.

Vikendi as a map has also undergone a lot of snow removal. It is over time to go out like an endolori thumb when you try to cross a field discovered. The ancient snowy fields that dominated the landscape have now been replaced by dead grass plots to make the view more difficult.