At least in the Dutchman, there is also a remaining hope for its muscular problems that it is enough for use on Sunday at FC Ingolstadt (13.30, live! At Hansa Rostock). After all, the gap of the best preparation filled equally green Kerem Calhanoglu at 3: 4 against Hansa Rostock good, two hits fell after the youngster.

Dreier or Vierkarzen?

When a Hattrick is Not Enough | Schalke 04 - Hansa Rostock 3-4 | Highlights | MD 25 – Bundesliga 2
A vacancy also gives on the right defense side. Since aydine due to a thigh injury is missing and its freshly obliged Replacement Andreas Vindheim also fails, Schalke’s attack swung is missing over this wing. Most recently, ex-coach Dimitrios Grammozis set the starting element debutant Henning Matriciani to this position, with every effort is the 21-year-old learned central defender but rather defensive stabilizer as an offensive propeller.

Much will also depend on the extension of the external defense positions, whether Grammozis’ is currently still sick of missing successor Mike Büskens as his predecessor for a triple chain with two offensive outside or for a four-chain in which the wing players are less offensive.

Also Sané’s participate in question

Salif Sané also completed individual training on Wednesday. The central defender had to be offset against Rostock because of a femoral blesseur before the break from the square, after his long failures last had initially been feared another heavier injury. Fortunately, this is not fortunate, but use on Sunday is open.