StarShip Troopers – Terran Command pays great attention to the mobile infantry that kills the spider-shaped, but the Horde regime seems to not. During an interview with Slitherinetv Twitch a few months ago, Marco Marco Marco Marketing Director was asked if there would be some slider to make players to simulate or play in Horde mode. He confirmed that there would be no such functions.

Minoli explained that nothing like this will be, and even programming the infinite game mode will require a lot of work. So no, There will be no Horde regime in StarShip Troopers – Terran command.

Starship Troopers Terran Command - Arachnid Command

Anyone who has seen a film or read the book will understand the call to the Horde regime, because the spider-shaped should be infinite roam. The game that allows players to build their units, choose where to go, and look at how well they can kill the spoofy, depending on their location, is perfect for the Horde regime. Perhaps this will appear in some future DLC.

However, there are many good moments in the game, and there are times when you must protect against many spine-shaped simultaneously as in the film.

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