Play through ELDENRING You will meet many other stained. Most who meet you will be on the Roundtable Hold. Eater is one of these stained, which they will encounter in the hold. He may not be the most friendly person who will encounter them in Elden Ring. He has some similarity with another character that has occurred in former dark souls games. Although Dung Eater shares the properties of Siegmeyer, it does not offer the player nearly so much stuff. Let us think about whether it is worth killing the Mistfresser in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring - What Happens if You Kill the Tutorial Boss? (Elden Ring Secrets)

Due to kill Mistfresser in Elden Ring

If you meet Dung Eater for the first time in the Roundtable Hold, you will not kill him. You have to start his quest series to have a chance to kill him at all. If you decide to kill him, he drops his full armor and the sword of Milos. You will find him in the bodied room in the festivals of the round table. You need a seedbed Curse to start his quest series and get the chance to kill him. If you talk to him about the Seedbed Curse, Dung Eater will ask you to give you the Sewer Gaol key.

As with the Rosenkirche, in the sewerings under Leyndell, you can farm some items in the area to which you have access now. This area is the same place where you can find Eater after giving you the key. You find him locked in a prison cell below in the sewer. After you freed Dung Eater, he leaves a message for you on the round table, in which he says he wants to fight. Before they fight against Dung Eater, they should go through the quest series of Blackguard Big Boggart, since Dung Eater is part of it. If you kill Dung Eater before, he will not emerge to kill big.

The main reason why you want to kill Eater is his sword. The sword of Milos is a great sword with the built-in ash gray cry of Milos. The best thing about the sword is its hidden effect. Every time you kill an enemy with the sword, you will receive five FP. This is great for non-magical and magical users, the latter can have difficulty fulfilling both the power and skill requirements for the sword. If you need more help to Elden Ring, please read our other instructions.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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