‘Secretlab’ , which has released attractive chairs in Korea, as a collaboration with League of Legend, Blizzard, and Warner Brothers, and the “Secretlab” is also attractive collaboration products. It is not a chair, but the waist cushion of the purpose of putting the chair behind the chair, Secretlab Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow’ ** is the main character.

As with the gaming chairs of various colors, the Memory Form Rumba Pillow family is also a fun and personality design through collaboration with other brands. Charming products that are filled with the features of the IP are fans to make a wallet to open their wallets. It’s not just the level of putting only the logo of other brands.

The products will also be introduced today. League of Legends that are deploying the most active collaboration products with secretlabs. Among them, the strongest Earthy of the Gorge gathered in one place. Flame, a destructive bear tee, the magic cat of the vanity city, and the cute scout of the vanit City, Timo. Sikreclap Memory Foam Rumba Pillow, I’ll make sure you look at the appearance of cute friends or cute friends.

Don't Use Your Low Back Pillow This Way! Dr Mandell

LOL is responsible for my waist Strongest Ear Yomi 3 person! Secret Lap, Memory Foam Waist Cushion Leave the article and leave your favorite waist cushion and why you are a comment!
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