Headquartered in Warsaw in Poland CD ProJekt Red from March 3, 2022 Russia and Belarus CD Project Red Group Products and GOG.com Platforms delivered on GOG.COM platform Games We announced that we will stop selling . Similarly, Blober Team is also announced that the company’s title will be sold at Russia and Belarus. Both CD ProJekt Red and Blober Team also understood that they are understood to affect many Russia and Belarus players that are not involved in Ukraine aggression, and are also the steps required to park the war.

The European European economic sanctions are being conducted as the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Under such circumstances, Miclanina Vice Prime Minister Mihairo Fedrov has called sanctions in the game industry, Sony takes up a movie broadcast in Russia, and Electronic Arts delete Russian team clubs with “FIFA 22” etc. Express to do. Fedrov calls for sales stops to many game companies through Twitter.