Frontier Foundry, the Game Label of Frontier Developments PLC today announces the release of Far: Changing Tides. With Far: Changing Tides, the developer Okomotive extends the FAR universe. The game is now available for Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Epic Store. The Launch Trailer to Far: Changing Tides can be seen here.

With the appearance of Far: Changing Tides today expands Okimotive’s Far Universe. In the latest release of Frontier Foundry, the players cross a flooded landscape on a meditative journey. The game is accompanied by a dynamic soundtrack, a picturesque style style and the additional verticality through the dive function. Thus, this postal-pokalyptic adventure aims to provide new as well as the predecessor players familiar with the predecessor game ‘Far: Lone Sails’ rated by the criticism.

In a dilapidated ship, the players cross together with toe, a lonely boy, which controls a ship over and under the waves, a sunken world. In doing so, toe must always solve puzzles, truck flooded civilizations and defish inexorable natural elements.

Don Schmooder, Lead Designer and co-founder of Okomotive, is looking forward to publishing: “What started with ‘Far: Lone Sails’ as a university project, has become a studio with 10 employees, two games and over six years of wonderful memories Okomotive developed. Our development trip with Far: Changing Tides is finished, but we can not wait to see how our players will experience their own journey in this wonderful world. “

FAR: Changing Tides - Official Gameplay Walkthrough | gamescom 2021

Chad Young, Senior Director of Publishing and Commercial, says, “The passion of Okomotive for her craftsmanship and the incredible gaming experience she created is a perfect example of Foundry teams to help make games which we want to see. We have given the studio our support and their vision led to a game that is both beautiful and emotional. That’s why we could hardly be proud of her. “

In the course of the campaign, a number of activities and partnerships were announced to celebrate this unique and beautiful game. Highlights include a Awesome Games Done Quick Charity Stream in cooperation with the San Francisco Monterey Bay Aquarium, a Artstation Tutorial Tutorial and the publication of Soundwaves Lo-Fi Soundtracks.