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Nintendo Switch (TM) “Billsiana Senki-Kazuki Wind ~” Released today!

Idea Factory Co., Ltd. (Representative Director President: Sato Ji / Location: Tokyo Toshima Ward) Women’s Game Brand “Otomate” today March 31, 2022 (Thu), Nintendo Switch Game Software “Billsian Senki- It was notified that the release of the wind of one tree was started.

Idea Factory Co., Ltd. (Representative Director President: Sato Ji / Location: Tokyo Toshima Ward) Women’s Game Brand “Otomate” today March 31, 2022 (Thu), Nintendo Switch Game Software “Billsian Senki- I started to launch the wind of Kazuki.

Idea Factory Co., Ltd. (Representative Director President: Sato Ji / Location: Tokyo Toshima Ward) Women’s Game Brand “Otomate” today March 31, 2022 (Thu), Nintendo Switch Game Software “Billsian Senki- I started to launch the wind of Kazuki.

Variable Barricade- Teaser Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

# Movies Overview

The “Billsian Senki” series is a love adventure game that draws a new persistence of a new persistence called “Women’s Women” for women’s game brand “Otomate” for women.

In the Fan Disc, this work “Billsian Senki-Kazuki-style ~” in the progeny of the progeny of the previous work is a sweet episode after the 5 people of the love end, and the sub character with an IF end that is less than love and less than love. Four people can be captured.

Please pay attention to the new story with a total of 9 men!

# Story

# # Day Sunrise

The battle is over and the peaceful days begin.

A sweet and happy story with five people who arrived at destiny.
What is the future that the girl who was in the fate of fighting is.

※ Target character: Source request (CV. Furukawa), Hiraeki (CV. Fukuya Jun), Hira Tube (CV. Koguya Kogyo), Musashibo Benkei (Yichiro Umehara), Harushobu (CV. Saito Saito) Horse)

regular route

Another story followed by a girl.

Successful King of Genji, who appeared in the form of chased by a Heike.
Hide the woman, and live as a man,
What is her new destiny waiting for her.

※ Target character: Target equilibrium (CV. 太), Sato Line (CV. Kondo), Sato Tatsumi (CV. Katsuyuki Kozuki), Sasaki Takanomi (CV. CV)

Product Summary

Title: Billsiana Senki-Kazuki’s Wind-Catch Copy: Take the New Wind Take the Future Now-Corresponding Major: Nintendo Switch / Nintendo Switch Lite Genre: Love for Women ADV CERO: C (Older Target) Number of players: 1 person Release Date: March 31, 2022 Release Counter: ▼ Capture Target Character (After Sunrise) Source (CV. Furukawa Shin) Hiraeki Takeshi (CV. Fukuyama Jun) Hair Turday (CV. Koguya Kengo ) Musashibo Benkei (CV. Yoichiro Umehara) Harusho (CV. Saito Saito) ▼ Capture target character (normal route) Tauchi equilibrium (CV. 太) Sato Sato (CV. Kondo Kondo) Sato Tatsumi Katsuyuki Takera (CV. Ayuko) Other staff: Director Ito Love Maine Character Draft Haneda Hanada Theme Song Whisant Official Site URL: https: //www.otomate.jp/birushana/fd/ Official Twitter: https: // Twitter.com / Birushana_Info Twitter Hashtag: # Billsian # Maiden Switch Release Source: Idea Factory Right Source: (C) 2022 IDEA Factory / Red

※ Please note that the contents may change.
※ The company name and product name described are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners

Prime Gaming and Amazon Blizzard reveal free overwatch and heart content

Prime Gaming de Amazon and Blizzard Entertainment are joining to launch free content for several games in the coming months. Fans of Supervision and piendra of the fireplace Both have free items available to claim at this time, while the content-based content of Warcraft_ and Starcraft: Remasterized will be available at some time in the future, although a specific period has not been disclosed. These benefits are free for all Amazon Prime subscribers and the content for Supervision and piene of the chimney can be claimed right here.

As of today, fans of Supervision can claim a legendary booty box. Until September 14, Amazon will launch free game for the game monthly. In total, fanatics can expect to see four legendary booty boxes and three standard booty boxes. There will be a free delivery in April, two in May, one in June, one in July and one in August. These benefits are available for PC players, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

En of the fireplace will also see monthly falls until September 14. The current gift is a legendary random letter. In total, there will be four legendary random letters, as well as three standard card packages. Players can expect to see a gift in April, one in May, two in June, one in July and one in August. These benefits will be available for players in both PC and mobile devices.

OOF! GameStop now CHARGING Intellivision Amico Preorders…
With luck, Amazon will reveal more information about the Warcraft_ and Starcraft: Remasterized Advantages soon! Prime Gaming offers many free advantages for subscribers. In addition to the content for these Blizzard games, the service currently offers content for Hospital of two points, fifa22, fall guys, and more. The service also offers a series of free PC games, with a new list already announced for the month of April. It would be impossible for the service to offer content that could please all users, but there is a good diversity of games and content included. During the next few months, it certainly seems that Blizzard fanatics will find a lot to enjoy!

Do you use Prime Gaming? What do you think of these free content releases? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!


The Inin Games label again vibrates Shamisen’s nostalgia rope with the opening of the pre-orders for the POCKY & ROCKY RESHRINED collectors. This multi-directional shoot-up-up that will see the return of an old Glory of Taito plans to put the double bites while waiting to communicate a firm and final date for Europe – it will be April 21 in Japan.

Five playable characters, a solo story mode and a free mode in coop, not to mention the presence of an easy way to unlock and an online ranking in addition: we will ship Fissa the technical sheet to return to the indispensable packed editions numbered, limited to 2,500 copies on Switch and 1,500 on PS4, at € 29.99.

The collector’s edition with € 69.99 provides for 2,000 copies on Switch and 1,000 on PS4, with a content to be blisted by Nerd: CD of the soundtrack, acrylic base, an omamori amulet in Pixel Art, An embedded coin of the two characters, a reversible poster, an enamel spindle, a sheet-shaped gum, a filthy block mark, four postcards and stickers, what more than it is an increase?

And if you really think that your happiness is measured with the amount of plastic stacked on the same shelf, it will be possible to push for bundles including at the premium the plush of the raccoon, sorry, of the tanuki, a bonus that is possible for one or the other edition. Count € 59.99 for the classic packaged version and € 99.99 for the Collector version.

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined - Official Trailer


POCKY & ROCKY RESHRINED – Trailer of the limited edition

Carbot Simple Programming Game-Holding! Todays STEAM Attention game 5 selections [March 30, 2022]

STeam where many new titles appear every day. I would like to check the high-attention new work, but there are many people who can not catch up with the release of the release?

Therefore, the GAME * SPARK editorial department “ within 3 days with early access and formal release ” “” Condition of “” has exceeded 100 cases (whether the number of popularity and unpopularity) is more than 100 ** ” Introduce the new title of the freshly picked and picked new title! Check out in this article if any title is attracting attention to Steam now.

# A = b (early access graduation)

This work is a programming game with only one instruction, and the title “A = B” means “replacing A with B”. Since the game replaces each character in upper case, you will solve various problems with a simple programming language, with a simple programming language, with a simple programming language.

# Crowz

This work is a team based online milletaries shooter. As a member of the mercenary “Crow” hired by the country, it is dispatched to the task of securing the resource “Q-ON” scattered in the conflict area. Based on four teams, there are two modes of Batrois format “Squad Operation”, which collect Q-ON with a vast open world, and a team-to-anti-battle “Blood Zone” that takes up with up to 32 people.

Pizza Clicker Game in Scratch | How to Create in Scratch Coding | Scratch Programming Game Tutorial

# Nightmare Reaper (early access graduation)

This work is influenced by the Retro FPS of the 90’s, and there is a focus game featuring the dark fight with a dark battle that has been created and created with modern router shooters and rogue elements. A map that handmade and random generation fused, use more than 80 unique weapons with random enchantments, and fight a large number of enemies to escape from the destruction destiny.

for the Warp (early access graduation)

Deck construction Rogue Light game “For The Warp” has officially released. This work is a card battle game aiming for the way to Warpage while repeating combat and deck construction. We will unlock new skills and spacecraft while meeting various enemies and taste, ruins of ancient civilization. In a formal release, new cards and equipment, spacecraft etc. are added. It is also scheduled to release the Nintendose switch right.

# The One Who Pulls Out The Sword Will BE Crowned King

When translating a very long title, “the one who pulled out the sword will be the king.” Yes, this work is a game of “just pulling out the sword”. If you miss the sword like King, it will be a king if you go out and leave a paddy. However, it is not one person who is trying to pull out the sword. Each time someone pulls the sword in online mode, the sword is long and heavy.

“Kuchi no Tsutsu” can not be done with “Kirby Discovery of the Stars”. Waddardi and “Chut” can not be done

Kirby Discovery ” that has reached the released on March 25 this month. This work has adopted the first 3D action in the main series. The stage of the world with depth is drawn out that Kirby runs in the vertical and horizontal ways. As a new action, Kirabari Henkei appeared, which carby makes the car and triangle cone and so on. Familiar copy capabilities are also expanding the width of the action, such as evolving into various forms. And in this work, up to two cooperative play is possible. By connecting a plurality of controllers, it is possible to operate the two of Kirby and Bandanawaddardi.

When transforming the series, it is naturally disappearing. Although it is a “Kirby Discovery of Stars”, a certain small element is abolished and some users seem to be spare. Its element is “tut”. Kirby can recover your physical strength when picking up food in the field. At that time, it is possible to share friends with friends. At this time, when Kirby comes to the side of his companion, it was possible to divide the recovery in the form of kissing. It was a promise for the smoking and cooperating action.

However, in the “Kirby Discovery of Stars”, there is no this noodle. Of course, if Kirby takes food, it can be given to the recovery of 2P bandanawaddardi. But the action at that time is high touch. It does not come true to see the series of traditional series. This is not cute, while the familiar action is not seen. To that end, people who are young on the net have appeared. It would be that there are many users who liked Kirby kiss. I feel somewhere.

  • Witness a high touch scene and don’t think new users, but old users will be desperate.

  • Super NES “Kirby Super Deluxe” is a tweet that is better than “Kirby Discovery of Stars” because there is a tut.

Why did Kirby no longer do? However, even with 3D reduction, the scene of the tuning has become a situation where it has become a situation that could not be seen from various angles. Alternatively, it is likely to be considered as a throat of Corona, but in the world of Kirby I do not want to think about real circumstances. When I asked for the reason why Nintendo had disappeared, it was said that “I did not answer individually about the development intention of the production in the game.”

Under the latest work, it is not possible to see Kirby’s tuning figure, but it does not mean that the culture has been lost. The “Kirby 30th stuffed toy mini mascot”, which is released in April from TAKARA TOMY Arts, recorded Kirby of all 10 types of posing. Among them, the face of Kirby’s face is lined up. It is a very valuable, front of the front. “Curby Discovery of the Stars” The tears will be heard, and how is it enjoyed the chow with this Kirby?

Core Keeper Farm Guide

Agriculture is a rather important aspect of Core Keeper, as you need food so that your hunger indicator is not empty. Food can be mined from chests, killing enemies and other ways, but farming is still the most reliable way to get food in Core Keeper. Therefore, we accounted for a full guide on the Core Keeper farm.

Farming Basics in Core Keeper

Grow the harvest in Core Keeper is not so difficult. First, players will need to build a copper hoe to create a farm. It can be created on the workbench, and for its manufacture requires 4x wood and 2x copper.

The next thing you need will be made is a watering can, for the manufacture of which 4x copper is required. You will also need to collect seeds, which will then be planted for growing crops. Seeds can be obtained by collecting plants in the open world, boxes and chests.

to plant seeds

How to farm Azeos the Sky Titan! | Core Keeper
Seeds can also be found in the wild Biome of Azeos, where you can destroy the yellow plants to get seeds. The following task will find an open and spacious platform next to your main base for planting farm crops.

After you have chosen the area where you want to grow a crop, select a hoe of your inventory and use it on this area to turn it into the farm area. Now use the seeds that you want to grow on a farm to grow them.

Collect the crop

You will need to water your cultures so that they grow. Water can be worn from any reservoir to the loft with watering.

Vintage will need some time to grow before it can be collected. As soon as the crop texture changes, it means that he is ready for cleaning.

Copper List in Core Keeper

We provided a table below, in which all seeds of crops and cultures are listed in detail, which they produce. We also specified where this culture may be and on what basis it should be cultivated.

Farm seeds Harvest Requires land Meets in bioma
Seed Puffung Puffung Form Dungeon of Mland
Bombing pepper seeds Bomb pepper Dirt Dirt, Azeos Desert
Crawl seeds Carrock Stone Forgotten ruins
Heart berries seed Berry’s heart Dirt Dirt, Azeos Desert
Larvae Capboard Seed Fiber Dirt Clay caves
Root seed Wood Dirt Dirt, clay caves, desert azeos
Glossy tulip seeds Glowing tulip Dirt Dirt, Azeos Desert

The PS5 and PS4 exclusives will not be available on PS more at launch

In the midst of all the news surrounding the future changes of Sony on PlayStation Plus, an extract flies under the radar. According to PlayStation CEO, Jim Ryan, the proprietary exclusives of the platform holder will not join PS more day and date with regular launch.

This is of course a big point of difference between what PS more will become and what Microsoft does with Game Pass. The Titles of Xbox Game Studios are launched on Game Pass immediately alongside regular retail sales, while the PlayStation Studios software will not reach PS more in the same way. For example, if you want to play GOD of War Ragnarok, you will always have to pay the autonomous game as usual – it will not be part of your subscription, at least not right away.

Ryan says the addition of his own games to PS more to launch “makes no sense” for the moment. It suggests that this could have a detrimental effect on the quality of its First Party production: “The level of investment we need to do in our studios would not be possible, and we believe that the training effect on the quality of The games we create would not be something that players want. »

It is not really surprising that Playstation exclusives stick to the model we all know, given the quality of Sony game sales. However, this does not mean that Sony’s titles will never join PS more – in fact, many of them will be part of the library if you subscribe to PS more extra or higher. Returnal, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Moral Miles, Death Stranding, God of War and many others are confirmed to be part of your collection for extra or premium subscribers. It seems that the games published by Sony will eventually arrive on PS more, we simply do not know how far they will be away from the regular launch.

New PlayStation Plus is CRAZY!!! 700 GAMES including PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS4, and PS5 all on there!

Anyway, what do you think of that? Do you prefer to have exclusives PlayStation on the first day of PS more, or do you agree that Sony continues as usual? Discuss in the comments section below.

Eve Online, Balance Adjustment and Structure Update Announcement

CCP Games announced the main update on Eve online prior to Pan Fast 2022 today. The update has been made in the structure and operations related to structures and operations, and you can check the initial version of the update on the Singularity Test Server.

Features Preview The system allows you to experience the functionality in the game in advance. The first test is a project that maintains consistency such as style and UI colors, menu interfaces, and the like as a UI integrated project.

In addition, the attack and defense can be balanced through the balance adjustment of the stand-up structure, and the cost of structure and defense is also reduced through additional updates.

In addition, the industrial jump portal generator is updated to the LOTO, and the LOT is now able to move the 30th chasing line. The shipping balancing adjustment continues, and Proteaters and stealth bombers have received updates that support a variety of play states.

In addition, blue prints for factional ships, threaded notes and capital ships in April will be updated in April.

Eve-O Preview 5.1.0, how to install/update

For more information on updating the ‘Road Pan Fest’, see the Eve Online Steam page.

Wow: Season 4 gets six old, new dungeons

Wow Shadowlands will no longer get another content patch, a new season will still give it . The developers have recently announced that. And also, if so, if logically, no new dungeon is implemented, mythical-plus players may look forward to a lot of replenishment. Because developers miss various old dungeons a revision and just integrate them into the current endgame!

Mechagon, Karazhan and…?

After patch 9.2 already split the current mega-dungeon tazavesh into two parts and has unlocked for the mythical-plus system, then the two former mega-dungeons Karazhan and Mechagon follow in the 4th season. Both dungeons already existed at the time in mythical-plus variants. The developers must therefore only be manageable a lot of work in order to make this fit for Shadowlands.

The thing looks different with the other two dungeons. The developers want to take over two of the instances from Warlords of Draenor. At this time, the system mythical-plus did not exist yet, but only the challenge fashion. This was only a degree of difficulty in which the players were scaled down.

So that the developers do not make unnecessary work, it is of course crucial that they take two of the more popular dungeons from wod. And to find out which that could be, you have called to a survey in the official forum. Although it officially did not say that the two most-chosen dungeons are then really implemented, they should probably end up on the internal list. Here again to remember all WOD dungeons:

  • alsoindoun
  • Blood rink mine
  • The evergreen flor
  • Ice docks
  • Grimmbleisdepot
  • Skynadel
  • Upper Blackfelspitze
  • Shadow Mondgrabstatte

Shadowlands Season 4 ANNOUNCED! BFA, Legion AND WoD Mythic+ & MORE...

Which two dungeons would you like to see as mythical-plus variant in Shadowlands? Of course, the author of this news has voted in favor of the ice docks and the Grimmgleisdepot. Who does not want mythical-plus dungeon on a moving train?

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All new changes in the map on the island of Renaissance in Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Reloaded

With the SEASON 2 Reloaded update in Call of Duty: Warzone Favorite Fans The Rebirth Island card gets a serious update with the greatest update. Changes include adding and changing some important attractions (POI), as well as other improvements in the gameplay.

Changes in POI on the island of the Renaissance

Event Reborn Island Reinforced Changes aesthetics and some POI on the map. Although minor changes indicate the influence of Perseus on the island, two locations on the map were updated, as well as a completely new area for research.

Fortress , rarely visited plot of card, now contains garages, administrative building and radar building. Empty place in prison yard In the area now there are small tents, and on the track surrounding it, the shelter has been added.

WARZONE: The SEASON 2 RELOADED UPDATE Was FULLY REVEALED... (Rebirth Map Update, Big Changes & More)
Doc is a completely new addition, and in it there is a large ship supply ship of the NOVA plant 6. The ship is available for players and has the upper and lower decks with a sufficient amount of chests and prey.

New Game Mechanics on Renaissance Island

Re-deployment of balloons From the caldera were added to a new Renaissance map. This allows players to travel over long distances and quickly change the position. Moreover, Weapon trade stations can be unlocked by completing the first in-game community test.

These stations allow you to exchange existing weapons to less high-quality and other awards, such as money, armor and a series of murders. Additional Community Tests will be added to the game, which will open other items, such as communication stations and armored vehicles.

Stay with us in professional players on games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, see our article about Call Of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 2 Reloaded – roadmap and all major changes.

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