2022 League of Legend Champions Korea Spring Since the opening of the Korea Spring, T1, I went to the cruise, defeating the Kangho, a catering Kia.

League of Legend Champions Korea, hosting the League of Legend (LOL) ‘e-Sports Korean Program (Representative Daily Han, www.lolesports.com, “LCK”) is from 23rd to 27th (days) Located in the LCK Arena in the LCK Arena in the LCK Arena in Seoul, T1 said that T1 has established a 12-week and achieves the 12th winning streak.

◆ Forgotten the law, T1, PO,

T1, which had never lost after the spring opening, was a gibi on February 23, a member of Kia, who had to deal with Kia. T1 was defeated in the first round, but it was not easy, but not easy to hit the set for 55 minutes.

On the 23rd, T1, he won the currency, showing a neat performance, and he won two victories. In the early days, T1, who was killed by Kia, and the T1, who was dragged, has attracted the concentration since 20 minutes and won the victory by winning the victory every 20 minutes.

T1, who won 11 former traditions, defined the first playoffs among 10 teams, who won 11 former traditions.

In the confrontation with Hanwha Life E Sports, T1 showed the strongest road. While allowing kills in the game, the Killscore was behind, but T1, who maintained the situation in the gold acquisition, but the opponent was able to avoid the intended tactics or when the opponent’s intended tactics came out,.

[ AllStar'14 ] ALL THE '' this is sparta '' AHO ! - Final - SKT T1 vs OMG
12, T1, which recorded 2, and T1, which recorded +17, has been a relaxing lead while maintaining a set of two-wins, two games, and a set of set +5.

** ◆ Multiple of which recruited

T1 and Zen, which form the Yanggang, but the head of the middle level,

In the fourth consecutive victory, Guangdong Prix, who went up to the 5th place, which is the expansion of the playoffs, We have achieved the fourth to win 2 to 0.

7 Nongshim Red Force, who had been down to the least declared, and the Red Force, which was down to the lowest level, succeeded in eliminating the rebs in the last game on the 27th,

The sixth week is expected to continue to go through the fog for the time being. Pretit brill, KT Rollers, Nongshim Red Force, and rib sandboxes were the same as 4 wins and 8 losses.

Since the 5th most Guangdong Prix is ​​5 wins and the sets of sets, the set score is -5, and 10th, Hanwha Life E Sports is not far from 3 wins. The state is.

** ◆ ‘DEFIC’ Kim, Hyo-kyu

In the LCK Spring 6 parking, the history of the history in history has also been used.

DRX’s remote dealer ‘laft’ Kim, Hyo-kyu achieved the second 2,000 kilets of LCK. At a 3-set set of opened-on-party-brillees on the 24th, Kim Hymo-kyu achieved a team victory while achieving a queadrary (4 kil) in front of the twin turret, and achieved a team victory at the same time achieved 2,000 kils. Until now, the athlete beyond 2,000 kils from LCK was the only “Paker”,

Park Jae-hyuk exceeded 1,800 kils in the game with Nongshim Red Force, and the remote dealer of Nongshim Red Forces ‘Ribs’ Ribs Box The Mid Liner ‘Chobi’ of the Mid Liner ‘Chobi’, which recorded the Pentaille, such as recording the Pentaille.

The jungle ‘Canyon’ Kim Gulwoo in the crew was held at the same time as the 300 match (set) and 200 wins in the confrontation between Guangdong Prix on the 25th.