In game one to Benedetto Muzzicato, the Viktoria had to give himself beaten against the SC Freiburg II with 0: 2 after two goals of Vincent Vermeij against the SC Freiburg II and is only a counter before a relegation place.

“We laid the focus more on conditional and we also gave a bit content again,” David Pietrzyk gave insights into the training work at “magenta sport” in the training work in front of the Breisgauer, in the intense week “there was already rejected and opinions who went to the other direction. With each day, the team understood that this is simply necessary. “

We are now with one, two candidates, from whom we say, we would be convinced.

Viktoria Managing Director Peer Jaekel

But would have been necessary three points, which could not retract the Berliner in a game of manageable level but despite some possibilities that were laptized. The third defeat in series without his own gate was processed. “The positive part outweighs, quite clear,” said Pietrzyk. “We had made to show another face – and that succeeded.”

SCC Teutonia vs Viktoria Berlin 1:10 (8.9.21 AOK Pokal 2.Runde)

Now it is also necessary to get points again. In the catch-up game at Halleschen FC on Wednesday evening (19 o’clock, live! At Vermeij), Pieterzyk in the responsible position has the opportunity. Then the Viktoria wants to set itself on a successor of Muzzicato.

“I would say that we are on the destination straight,” said Victoria CEO Peer Jaekel. “We have reduced the candidate circle extremely. We are now with one, two candidates, of whom we say, we would be convinced. If the conviction on the other side is just as there, then it will go very fast.”