On Tortoyk Continent of Lost Ark there are two quests Another Story. These are just the long chains of quests, but they are not hidden, like hidden quests. Other quests exactly tell you what to do, and simply act as long side missions.

Where is it “that’s nothing, but… another story”?

The quest is not on your way into the village of Mochoko, so it seems hidden. After you pass the forest with a cashew, turn to the western edge of the card, and not east. You will see three mockerels standing on the rock from the west side of the water. Come to the middle person to start this quest.

In this quest, you must visit the three marked places that will lead you to the village of Mochoko. We recommend performing this quest as soon as you get to the cake, because it will lead you to the village of Mochoko, so you are already walking along the route.

It may seem easy, but “other quests” should not be difficult, and they exactly tell you where to go and what to do. Quests “Another story” are designed to tell the player a story, and not challenge him.

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