Although the excitement by the new Street Fighter was positive, many players were not captivated by the logo of the sixth numeric delivery. Immediately, some people realized that looks like great similarities with a design found in the images of Adobe Stock. Now, The original design responsible wants to sell the rights of exclusivity to Capcom.

As Aurich Lawson of Ars Technica said, the street Fighter 6 logo has a great similarity with an image created by Xcoolee as a file for Adobe Illustrator, and has a price of $ 80 dollars. Previously, this design had been seen in SF Connexion, an SCI-Fi convention in France. In a talk with IGN, those responsible for this design have revealed that they intend to sell the rights of exclusivity to Capcom , thus withdrawing it from the market and access of any other person.

Selling Stock 14. Cloning out logos from stock photos

At the moment there is no response from Capcom in this regard, and the Japanese company has not issued a statement where it speaks about the origin of the street Fighter 6. logo, which is clear, is that very few people They were fans of this design, so at the end of the day we could see something different.

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Editor’s note:

Unlike the designs so characteristic we have seen in the past, street Fighter 6 has a fairly simple logo that does not highlight and could well be modified substantially. If this is the case, it would not make much sense for Capcom to buy the rights of xcoolee.