From Family Mart on February 22, a limited time campaign for PS store cards has been started. After purchasing a fixed price of prepaid card at each FamilyMart store, it is a great campaign that can get a coupon code for 10% yen separately from the purchase. The period to be purchased is until February 28. Application itself is possible until March 1st.


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** PS store card 10,000 yen / 15000 yen

** Benefits:

** PS store card When purchasing 10,000 yen, coupon code 1000 yen
PS Store Card 15000 yen for purchase, coupon code 1500 yen

First of all, after the application procedure, PS store card 10,000 yen / 15000 yen is purchased at Family Mart, and after purchasing for 15,000 yen, access to the specified website. In accordance with the designation of the application form, the e-mail address and the end of the card back side bar code number are input. After that, by answering the questionnaire, the application is completed. After application, coupon code is displayed on the screen, and the special email is delivered for confirmation of the applicable e-mail address. The coupon code for 1500 yen is delivered with two codes for 1000 yen and 500 yen.

This campaign target is only 10,000 yen / 15,000 yen for PS store cards sold at the store. It is not covered by PS store card 1100 yen ticket, 3000 yen ticket, 5000 yen ticket, gift pack (2,200 yen), playstation plus (3 months used right, 12 months right). I would like to be careful because it does not cover the playstation store tickets that can be purchased on the FAMI port.

The number of applications is up to three times. PS Store Card If you purchase 3 pieces of 15,000 yen, you can get a coupon for up to 4500 yen. However, since the card amount can not be added and applied, one by one will proceed with the application procedure. The deadline for EnterStation Network’s account of the acquired benefit code is until March 31, 2022. If you receive it, let’s finish enter early. By the way, the upper limit of the wallet of the PlayStation Network account is 20,000 yen. If the balance of the wallet exceeds 20,000 yen, it should be noted that the coupon code can not be entered.

See here for application pages. The schedule for purchasing the campaign is until February 28, the application period is until March 1st.