The “Tactics” in the name is suggested. But with this initial development of the developer studio 40 Giants Entertainment, this is not a strategy game, where you lead its battalion to the battlefield, but a role-playing game: a role-playing game with a twist. In the round-based battles, both games are no longer or less static. Instead, they contact each other on an isometric grid. With alternating raster formations and obstacles, so refreshingly varied camphor experiences.

It is exciting how much the addition of moving figures to move, the well-known system of attack, defense, healing or items expanded. To carry out actions, there are who would have thought it, action points (AP). Whether you want to use an item or attack an opponent, you have exactly two points to run his plans. And there comes the weighing into the game. You can use his reserve in a strike to run a stronger attack or to reset a lot of route. But you can also divide them and, for example, only a muffin muffin, then overturned to the next attack. But since an AP has already been used up, it falls weaker.

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K (l) an experiments

What ultimately arrives, the coincidence decides. In addition to the actual damage, certain attacks can also cause status effects, or use the back or closer to the executive party. This can give a room to breathe, but you can also use these effects to interact with the field itself.

Game with obstacles and challenges!

This has a lot to try around, but also many factors that must be considered. The most elements are explained in short tutorial boxes, but you learn the mechanics, but above all by playing and solving “goals”. These are optional secondary tasks that you can fulfill if you want a greater challenge.

Especially because it likes to happen that one moves the wrong figure in an unconcentrated moment. The story mode is much more reconcilient. Not only are opponents weaker and items more abundant, the whole game is also healed and filled up all mana strips. This is helpful insofar as the mana allows the characters to carry out their own skills.

These are mostly stronger attacks with a greater range and special effects, or special actions like the enchanting of an opponent. The focus bar is not filled with which one can execute a kind of special and, for example, hurt a large number of opponents.

The freedom, which the story mode gives one, makes it possible to deal much more with the combat scenarios and goals. That makes the gameplay not only entertaining, it also ensures that the fighting feels like fun puzzle tasks.

A step forward and no one back

Generally Reverie Knights Tactics (Buy Now 29,99 €) with views of exploration and tactics Halfar. It does not move his troupe directly in the areas, but clicks on circle to circle until the end of the respective area has reached.

And behind besides missions waits – three times your rates may – either a closed lock or a horde to defuse monster. Explore works and is not untypical for the genre, but it feels uncreating, unlawful and above all unnecessarily compared to the sophisticated combat gameplay.

And what do you have from all? The classics. If the more you are fighting and exploring, the more experience the characters get, the more objects you collect and the more Cogni earns you.

The latter is the currency of the game, with which one can get different equipment for its characters. Against a certain number of cogni, the writer-based writer folians enchants for 1. For example, if they are given to a character, this can then obtain a plus on Mana or immunity to certain status effects.

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