Fallout 76 The developers have mocked more than once of the arrival of the next great update of the game, which includes the “invaders from beyond” event, and this week, we could finally see part of that content first-hand. This week was shared a video of the developers who presents the game within the event, as well as comments about what is planned. The same video also covered other topics, such as Fallout WorldS function and how soon more parts of the game, such as score progression of challenges.

That video can be seen below for those who want to know more about the next great fallout 76 update. Discussions about the event invaders from beyond are more towards the beginning of the video with the other advertisements and discussions saved for the end.

While the video game of the developers shares some ideas about the Invaders Update from Beyond, the players do not really have to wait until the update is activated to experience what is inside. This is because the update is still available on test servers so that players try it now. The notes for the update published in a previous Inside The Vault publication can be found below to start:

Fallout 76 Update of invaders from the beyond

  • Every hour-o’clock, an alien nodriza will appear over one of several high-profile locations of the Appalachi to deploy three brain waves siphons in the area.
  • Travel to the location of the nodriza ship and examine Siphon Kappa to start the event.
  • When the event begins, players must destroy the three brain waves, one after the other, before the aliens can complete their brain wave extraction process.

Fallout 76 Update - New Event The Invaders from Beyond | UFO | Full Gameplay
* There is only one problem: Each siphon is protected by a force field, which is controlled by a different alien commander.
* Defeat the alien forces to take the commander out of each siphon. Eliminates the Commander and the strength field will fall, allowing you and your colleagues to destroy the siphon.
* If you can demolish the three BrainWave Siphons on time, you will receive some booty, XP and you will have the opportunity to win plans to manufacture new alien weapons and camp objects.
* Stay on guard, because while the Invaders From Beyond season event is live, you may be made with extraterrestrial intruders at selected public events, including Tales, Free Range and Line In The Sand. You can also see our curious visitors in the new random meetings that we are adding with this update.

Fallout 76 The invaders from beyond is currently being tested before its live release.