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Since we are in the winter holiday and you may dream of snow and glossy wind that blue fingers, the timing seems perfect to talk about INUA – A story in Ice and Time , That this new production arte has just come out two days ago. Above his cradle, we find a beautiful skewer of talents, some of which has bossed on the unforgettable burial me, my love and the curious vignettes (already (re) quoted there is any battery one month). In short, the stars were perfectly aligned to put on a jacket and dive into this mysterious Inu .

Everything begins with a true story, that of the Father’s fate of the Franklin expedition which, in 1845, had to lead two British ships – the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror – to make the crossing of the northwest passage. What is equivalent to joining the Arctic by making a way in the heart of the islands nestled between Canada and Greenland. Alas, ice creams the two boats and their 128 crew members who will perish under conditions that long to be elucidated. It is precisely there that Inua **, a title that seeks to explore the mysteries surrounding this drama through the story of three characters: a member of the 19th century expedition, an embedded filmmaker in a mission military during the 1950s and a journalist investigating the subject today. The three periods will stop stitching to better answer and interact with each other with, in backdrop, a small dive in Inuit culture that discreetly permeates all the adventure.