Wayne Rooney had to fight at the beginning of his career with alcohol problems. This cleared the former captain of the English national team and the record champion Manchester United in an interview with the mail on sunday.

At the beginning of his career, it had always come to secret drinking journals to fight his fears and deal with public pressure and great expectation.

Wayne Rooney interview | Opens up about drink, anger and mental health issues | Injuring John Terry
“I made many mistakes when I was younger,” said the 36-year-old prior to publishing the Amazon Prime documentation “Rooney”. The scorer changed at the age of 18 from FC Everton to Manchester United. It had been difficult for him to deal with things that were in the newspaper. The dealing with United Team Manager Alex Ferguson was difficult, as well as dealing with his family.

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“There were times when you have freely frightened a few days from football and I actually imprisoned and only drunk to try to ban all that out of my thoughts,” said the team manager of the second division of Derby County.