Patch 1.3, January update, to New World has now been live since January 25, 2022 and has expanded the Amazon MMORPG for customized instances and stronger equipment. In mutated expeditions, we face special challenges in steadily rising levels of difficulty, while we can bring 625 with the help of shadow splintering items. We talked about these innovations with Game Director Scot Lane and do not want to consider the interesting findings!

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Developers are fans of Roguelikes and “other MMOS” – that’s why mutators

New World's Endgame Is Falling Apart!
When asked where the idea for the mutators came from in expeditions and since when the developers wanted them to have in the game, there was a reference to other MMOs, action adventure and roguelike games. The developers are great fans of this genres and wanted to install a system like the mutators before launching New World. In this way, there should be more variety and challenge, which gives an additional system to the game in the long run, which will grow with other features. The developers of New World refer to the mutators in expeditions among other things on the Roguelike Genre: Games like Hades offer new experiences with different challenges every trip. Source: Supergiant Games

MUTTATORS as a source of toxic behavior?

Even with the announcement of mutated expeditions, the question quickly came up if the new recognition system for these dungeons toxic behavior promotes – people could quickly get out of a run because he is too slow for a good rating. Losing voice balls (VERBS) in this way could lead to heated debates. However, developers emphasize that the necessary orbs for expeditions have been easier for expeditions since patch 1.3 (they also get them from the fraction shop).

Anyone who also does a normal expedition once to get the Code for the mutant version gets a free key for the mutator variant. Also, making ORBS for the classic expeditions was cheaper, which is why people can deal well with layout and flow of an expedition before they face the mutators.

In this way, it would probably also be less disputes – sounds as if Scot has long feared toxic behavior because people prepare well before they tackle mutators. Access to the AMRHEIN excavation in New World has been obtained since patch 1.3 with the Rank Gladiator and 850 brands of its own faction. Source: Game Director In addition, DPS and speed is not always the most important. According to Scot Lane, some mutators do not simply require DPS, but increasingly crowd-control effects. The developers keep an eye on how the Victory Rates and Team Compositions develop.

Do PVP players have to play PVE for Best Gear in the future?

With regard to the best equipment, there is currently the problem that PVP players have to deal with PVE and shadow splinters with which equipment with a gearscore can be obtained from up to 625. But Scot Lane wants to calm PVP fans: _ “In the near future, we have some exciting new PVP features that will offer the players extra opportunities to develop. I can not betray anything yet, but Stay Tuned!” _ PVP player In New World, PVE need currently, if you want the best equipment – that could change in the future. Source: Amazon Games

No improvement of the trading post in view

The developers are also clear that the trading post after small bug fixes still lack some features and comfort adjustments. They want to take care of it, but that is not the first place of the priority list “_.

Expeditions in Main-Quests soon easier?

Scot Lane has also responded that fewer players can be found for low-level expeditions. Newcomers would thus encounter problems with levels. He told us that there are many other possibilities to achieve level 60: the main story, territory tasks, weapons & armor quests, group orders, the closing of Breaches, Crafting & Co. the Game Director teaser teases also improvements for The expeditions that are part of the Main Quests: _ “We work on opportunities for players to continue the main quest line of history without having to do expeditions if they do not find any group.” _

Mutators for low-stage instances are more difficult by developer side than you think. However, the cost of expedition keys reduced in patch 1.3 – so hope the developers – may also help high-level players in low-level Expenditions help, which also brings you gold rewards.