The Patch 2.4 has caused Genshin’s players Impact to enjoy a whole party thanks to events such as Iridiscencia Fugab and the Festival of the Thousand Colors. These have added another more called the great banquet of the adeptus , so in the following guide we are going to tell you what it consists and what will allow you to scare you.

Date and schedules of the Web event The great banquet of the adeptus

As with the other web event that is taking place these days, the only requirement that is requested is that you have reached the adventure range 10 or higher **. If it is your case, then you can take advantage of until February 6 to take all the rewards.

How to get free the rewards of the Web event The great banquet of the adeptus

The first thing is the first thing and you have to access the page of this web event if you want to take advantage of everything it offers. Your mission will be to be done with sparkling connolas that will help you unlock various areas of relaxatetera, which in turn will make you take a series of rewards in return.

To get sparkling conchers there are several different methods that are all the following:

  • Log in to Genshin Impact
  • Complete two daily commissions
  • Consume 40 original resins
  • Participate in the crossing minigame

It is important that you do not forget to pick up the sparkling conch as many as you fulfill any of the tasks mentioned. After having unlocked all the areas of the relaxatetera, the Blessings section of the Spirit of the Teapot will be available, while the conches that you can use them in some Liyue specialties .

In total there are five areas to unlock and thus obtain free articles such as protogems, hero wit and minerals of mystic refinement . As for the specialties, there are ten in total and each costs 150 concoles.

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