Borussia Dortmund longs the comeback of Torjäger Erling Haaland. Currently, the Norwegian muscular problems plague. In order to return to the square as soon as possible, the BVB attacker probably pulls all registries.

At the crashing 2: 5 swatter of the past Bundesliga matchday against Bayer Leverkusen, once again, how much Borussia Dortmund relies on the services of Erling Haaland. Without the 21-year-olds, it runs in the BVB offensive outrage. With 23 trees, Haaland is by far the goal-threatening Dortmund.

Still is open whether the center-to-center will be available to black and yellow on Sunday (15:30) against Union Berlin.

According to the “picture”, Haaland can not exercise with the Irishes under full stress to the duel. According to the “Ruhr news”, a commitment to Union Berlin “probably still too early”. Instead, Haaland should tie the first leg in the intermediate round of the Europa League against the Rangers from Glasgow next Thursday.

BVB-Star Haaland relies on “Wunderheiler” Haddad

For a fast comeback, the Scandinavian sees nothing unavoyant. How “picture” reports, “miracle healers” John Haddad Haaland will get fit. Accordingly, the family friend is extremely flown out of Lebanon.

The movement therapist had already treated Haaland last November. At that time Haddad and Haaland worked in coordination with the medical department of BVB together in Marbella. “John is the coach in Team Haaland,” said the BVB star at “Sky” about his familiar, who referred to himself as a “repairer”.

Whether Haddad can “heal” the scorer to the Bundesliga duel against Union Berlin, remains to be seen. It is clear that the BVB could use a return of Haalands only too well to make the residue on FC Bayern (nine points) not even greater.