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One-melon said that the graphics studio spring bus is merged and integrated into the original bus.

The newly launched Bus, which is newly launched since the merger, is a comprehensive metabus company that covers medical, marketing, games, platforms, virtual real estate, dating, education and enterprises.

The Chuyi Bus is a solution to companies who want marketing business on domestic and overseas marketing meta bus platforms such as Diet, Molding, Ophthalmology, including digital therapeutic agents, including digital therapeutic agents, including digital therapeutic agents, The metaverse of the metaverse to provide the service is scheduled to proceed with the advertisement type business.

Based on the development workforce of the spring bus, we plan to build a stable game development system, and from mobile games to metabus games, we plan to play the position in the next generation game market.

Metabus platform using virtual reality world ‘Symphony (tentative (tentative)’, virtual real estate with the leading investigator of domestic leaders, metabus dating with domestic 1st social dating app companies, metabus training with domestic leading adult education companies And collaborate with the entity of domestic entry.

Since 2016, we plan to implement the unique ‘Life Connected Metabus’ in Korea that links real life and metaverse as a merger of the first and largest graphics studios, which has been leading to the VR industry.

“Won Matters,” said Won Yuan Bus, “One-Melee is a future technology company with the best VR technology in Korea, and the spring bus is a global enterprise as a global company, such as Nexon and Smile Gates, “It will be a technique to prepare for the future of the meta bus as a merger of two companies.”

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Meanwhile, the Wagi Em Games’ s relationship with the company’s one-melon is the largest VR developer in the domestic market, which has a 10-sided service experience in more than 200 stations around the world. The spring bus is established in 2018 and has about 260 professional staff in the largest graphic production studio, which is undergoing about 260 professional people and is recognized for graphics technology from global games and collaboration with large clients in Korea.