In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Tobt a Civil War. The imperial army and the storm coatings fight for the rule of heavenly bands. A fan now finds a coherent justification for why one page is completely wrong.

Civil War in Skyrim: What is the “right” decision?

In the course of your adventure, the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim prior to choosing whether you want to connect the imperial army or the storm mantel rebels. The Reddit User Maringutierrezd3 wants the debate to finally end this decision. For this, he lies thoroughly why Ulfric and his storm coats actually do not fight for the freedom of heavenly bands **.

One of his main arguments is the duel between Ulfric and the former Great King Torygg . Even though this duel was lawful according to the traditions of the North, this does not mean that Ulfric had become a ruler of heavenly edge. Instead, he would have had to call a royal thing on which Jarle had chosen a new Great King.

Stormcloaks vs Imperials - Skyrim Civil War Analysis

Ulfric storm mantel is wrong

The Skyrim fan further emphasizes that Ulfric had thrown all the traditions of the North overboard by instead naming himself even to the Great King . Also in the further course of the Civil War show that Ulfric remains the aggressor in the conflict. For example, the storm coatings attack white run, although Jarl Balgruuf had previously held out of the conflict.

Finally, Maringutierrezd3 still demonstrates clear evidence that Ulfric would not have been the decision of the Königstheing anyway . In conversation with his consultant Galmar, he expresses itself very different about the possibility that Toryggs Widow Elisif could become great king.

The mansion claim of Ulfric suddenly affects significantly less . However, the imperial is not the perfect choice. After all, you want to settle you right at the beginning of the game, even though you have not spent anything at all. Maybe it’s better to stay neutral.

A Skyrim fan has convincing arguments that Ulfric and his storm coatings are wrong . Your role in the Civil War is a central decision of the role-playing game. Fortunately, you can also decide to decide you.