Ghostwire: Tokyo is one of those rarities that we have known less than we would like for a long time. Its appearance does not go unnoticed and also, it is the new project led by Tango Gameworks, study led by Shinji Mikami , Creator of Resident Evil and The Evil Within. A project almost guarantees that we have known more by attending a virtual presentation of the game thanks to an invitation from Bethesda, in which we have told us more details and also we have been able to see Gameplay fragments with which to make us an idea of ​​what this Terror game will bring .

At the beginning of the presentation came the good news, with a message of Kenji Kimura, Director of the Game , who told us that the game is passing his last phases of development and are being polished the final aspects for his launch in spring.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Official 4K Extended Gameplay

Terror ‘Made in Japan’

Obviously, to Ghostwire: Tokyo proudly shows a very niphnest aesthetics, driven by both the development study and because the adventure takes place in the capital of Japan, which mysteriously remains deserted. They only roam souls in pain and our protagonist, a young man named akito , who runs up with KK, an experienced hunter of ghosts that has become a spirit to access the interior of Akito, exercise as the voice of the Consciousness and explore the city in search of answers.

But the city is not totally free, since other worlds have reached the so-called “visitors”, some beings with a pretty design ‘Creepy ‘ , of which you can get an idea seeing the images, or simply Imagining other works of Japanese terror, as they reinforce such a macabre stereotype and that so many nightmares awakens.

These inframund beings are led by a teacher mind, represented by the mysterious Hannya. In a battle that will lengthen for hours, we will have to try to save the different spirits of the city and to the Akito family itself, since the place has stayed as if it were a chapter of The Leftovers: with a semi-desert city and a malroller atmosphere . The story promises a few moments that will make us swallow, but, at the moment, we barely know your synopsis and little else: in tango Gameworks keep jealous of these narrative elements and it seems fantastic.

From the study itself indicate that, while we are immersed in the game we will feel lost between worlds, and that is the feeling that the adventure has left us. Basically, because in tenor of what we have seen in the gameplay shown, we will have what could be called a freedom to move through this tokyo **, where neons and puddles make the adventure at the Raytracing Festival. You have to justify in some way the new generation’s novelties.

A peculiar combat, but attractive

As we had already seen, Ghostwire: Tokyo takes place in first person and we have a seemingly open world. Although, at least in the initial compasses, everything is involved by a dense fog that we will have to go cleaning by going to doors torii that allow us to expand the map, as if they were the Assassin’s Creed Watchtower or the communication towers of A Far Cry. Of course, I have to tell you that it gives me a little fear how usual this mechanics will be, since in just 20 minutes of Gameplay we have seen this process repeated in half a dozen occasions.

Surely and, knowing the background of the study you will be asking you. Vale, But is scary Ghostwire: Tokyo? To tell the truth, not too much. At least, in what we have been able to see in this Gameplay session. Although what has been taught to us at night, the scenarios are very illuminated due to the prevailing neons of Tokyo. In some aspects, he reminded me of the great Midsommar movie, which is executed in full with daytime plans and does not give excessive fear; But yes a bad considerable roll. When the final version is available, we will see how situations alternate; Something that will be key so that the experience is optimal.

between action and terror

It seems that there will be more moments of action than calm tense. And that is where a combat system comes into play in which we will have to take use of the Akito supernatural skills. Among those we have been able to see, among the main is being able to cast spells to the enemies in the form of “bullets” or even the possibility of tying them, as if it were the whip of Wonder Woman, to end the suffering of it. In addition, he is also able to take advantage of a shield to repel the blows of enemies.

Not only will there be powers at Dishonored , but we will also have weapons at our disposal. Of course, we have only seen an arc in action with which to reduce enemies, whose designs, we insist, have been alleged. We can also improve it and safely that it ends up having a recurring use in the development of the game.

The magic of Akito will also be used in other circumstances, such as spectral vision to determine the location of enemies and act taking advantage of stealth if we consider it necessary. Or also for moments of greater research, where we will use them to find hidden areas and to enchant the errant souls. Ghostwire: Tokyo plays a lot with the changes of design and scenery, transmitting the constant feeling that nothing is what it seems . That we are not sure at any time, no matter how much we created to have the situation controlled.

In addition, as we have seen, we can also do other tasks such as absorbing the spirits that we will find in the streets and take them to a telephone booth to save them definitively. We will also have certain stores or establishments run by Yokais with which to acquire new objects or skills to improve the character ; Who will also have their own system of experience and improvements. Of all this they have not given us clues, but surely we will have options that will leave us with your mouth open as you progress in the adventure, since what is shown is practically the start of the game.

The sensations that Ghostwire has left: Tokyo are positive , although it is also true that it is the classic start of game, where everything is more dense and slow than it seems. But that makes me think that they want to keep many surprises. We are used to showing us all in trailers and presentations and, sometimes, it is better to keep an ace under your sleeve. We will leave doubts on March 25.