WSS Playground reported that Multi-ending adventure “ Needy Girl Overdose ” for PC distributed by STeam has topped a total of 200 million sells.

According to Tweet, we are currently making STEAM profiles that commemorate over 200,000 breakthroughs. In addition, “super pendulum” “super-pa-chan” 超 て 本 本 本 反 反 反 反. “Blessing Dance Video by Black Matcho Group” has been published as “Congratulation message from around the world”.

In the video, stalwart macho population “butterfly Ten-chan.20 250,000. Congratulations. † Ascension † Nmma!” Expand the merry dance to back the Sakuchu BGM with the message of. A psychedelic scene where the image of “super pendane” is inserted in the atmosphere that seems to be blown away.

In addition, it is a blessing dance video that looks well on Twitter, but this is the “Surprise Video from the World” provided by the general corporation World SMLLe. From the official page, various dances can be ordered by paying a fixed amount.

Apparently, it seems to be “ Black Battle Matchon Linolidance ” that was ordered this time. From February, also provided “ Dubai Michairo Luxury Luxury Dance “. How about support for people who suffer from poverty and a present for “”?