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The Wow Classic Launch Bonanza continues to rage

World of Warcraft Classic has just been aware of one of the worst launch events in the online game history, and it’s still relevant. Starting from midnight between 26 and August 27, players had 15 servers available to connect. Now, role plays and multiple PVP servers are available with shorter connection times, with a low-low population. However, the majority of the old school guilds known to keep waiters alive and competitive have chosen one of the five PVP servers – Firemaw, Gehennas, Golemagg, Mograin and Shazzarh, and the queues are enormous…

The troubles for Blizzard Entertainment began a few hours before launch when the majority of people decided to withdraw money and buy a subscription. Their online shops were immediately broken down and customers barely made their purchases before midnight. And since then they publish updates hour per hour about connection problems, but nothing changes.

In fact, the average wait times for the aforementioned four servers increased the next day, the 27th. It seems that the majority of people thought to leave the heads burned spend the night and after having fallen asleep, the others would be Free to connect easily. But waiting times are only increasing. After 12 hours of launch, the average queue for the four very populated servers had more than 20,000 players, with an average waiting time of about 3 to 4 hours in the morning, passing 5 to 6 hours In the afternoon of August 27th.

The Insane Release of WoW Classic

In addition, Wow Classic launch twitch streams were followed by about one million viewers all night. Blizzard does not disclose information about the population of their servers, but according to online speculation, a populated WOW server currently contains between 15,000 and 30,000 players. This means that with more than 20,000 people in the queue, sites such as Firemaw, Gehennas, Golemagg, Mograin and Shazzarh have already undergone attempts to connect 35 to 50,000 people since midnight. Blizzard does not have much to do at this point, but wait for the crowd to empty itself because there are other servers that offer no wait times and other servers are advertisement.

Viktoria Berlin Hat Muzzicato

In game one to Benedetto Muzzicato, the Viktoria had to give himself beaten against the SC Freiburg II with 0: 2 after two goals of Vincent Vermeij against the SC Freiburg II and is only a counter before a relegation place.

“We laid the focus more on conditional and we also gave a bit content again,” David Pietrzyk gave insights into the training work at “magenta sport” in the training work in front of the Breisgauer, in the intense week “there was already rejected and opinions who went to the other direction. With each day, the team understood that this is simply necessary. “

We are now with one, two candidates, from whom we say, we would be convinced.

Viktoria Managing Director Peer Jaekel

But would have been necessary three points, which could not retract the Berliner in a game of manageable level but despite some possibilities that were laptized. The third defeat in series without his own gate was processed. “The positive part outweighs, quite clear,” said Pietrzyk. “We had made to show another face – and that succeeded.”

SCC Teutonia vs Viktoria Berlin 1:10 (8.9.21 AOK Pokal 2.Runde)

Now it is also necessary to get points again. In the catch-up game at Halleschen FC on Wednesday evening (19 o’clock, live! At Vermeij), Pieterzyk in the responsible position has the opportunity. Then the Viktoria wants to set itself on a successor of Muzzicato.

“I would say that we are on the destination straight,” said Victoria CEO Peer Jaekel. “We have reduced the candidate circle extremely. We are now with one, two candidates, of whom we say, we would be convinced. If the conviction on the other side is just as there, then it will go very fast.”

Wrong T1, PO Tickets in Preyard

2022 League of Legend Champions Korea Spring Since the opening of the Korea Spring, T1, I went to the cruise, defeating the Kangho, a catering Kia.

League of Legend Champions Korea, hosting the League of Legend (LOL) ‘e-Sports Korean Program (Representative Daily Han, www.lolesports.com, “LCK”) is from 23rd to 27th (days) Located in the LCK Arena in the LCK Arena in the LCK Arena in Seoul, T1 said that T1 has established a 12-week and achieves the 12th winning streak.

◆ Forgotten the law, T1, PO,

T1, which had never lost after the spring opening, was a gibi on February 23, a member of Kia, who had to deal with Kia. T1 was defeated in the first round, but it was not easy, but not easy to hit the set for 55 minutes.

On the 23rd, T1, he won the currency, showing a neat performance, and he won two victories. In the early days, T1, who was killed by Kia, and the T1, who was dragged, has attracted the concentration since 20 minutes and won the victory by winning the victory every 20 minutes.

T1, who won 11 former traditions, defined the first playoffs among 10 teams, who won 11 former traditions.

In the confrontation with Hanwha Life E Sports, T1 showed the strongest road. While allowing kills in the game, the Killscore was behind, but T1, who maintained the situation in the gold acquisition, but the opponent was able to avoid the intended tactics or when the opponent’s intended tactics came out,.

[ AllStar'14 ] ALL THE '' this is sparta '' AHO ! - Final - SKT T1 vs OMG
12, T1, which recorded 2, and T1, which recorded +17, has been a relaxing lead while maintaining a set of two-wins, two games, and a set of set +5.

** ◆ Multiple of which recruited

T1 and Zen, which form the Yanggang, but the head of the middle level,

In the fourth consecutive victory, Guangdong Prix, who went up to the 5th place, which is the expansion of the playoffs, We have achieved the fourth to win 2 to 0.

7 Nongshim Red Force, who had been down to the least declared, and the Red Force, which was down to the lowest level, succeeded in eliminating the rebs in the last game on the 27th,

The sixth week is expected to continue to go through the fog for the time being. Pretit brill, KT Rollers, Nongshim Red Force, and rib sandboxes were the same as 4 wins and 8 losses.

Since the 5th most Guangdong Prix is ​​5 wins and the sets of sets, the set score is -5, and 10th, Hanwha Life E Sports is not far from 3 wins. The state is.

** ◆ ‘DEFIC’ Kim, Hyo-kyu

In the LCK Spring 6 parking, the history of the history in history has also been used.

DRX’s remote dealer ‘laft’ Kim, Hyo-kyu achieved the second 2,000 kilets of LCK. At a 3-set set of opened-on-party-brillees on the 24th, Kim Hymo-kyu achieved a team victory while achieving a queadrary (4 kil) in front of the twin turret, and achieved a team victory at the same time achieved 2,000 kils. Until now, the athlete beyond 2,000 kils from LCK was the only “Paker”,

Park Jae-hyuk exceeded 1,800 kils in the game with Nongshim Red Force, and the remote dealer of Nongshim Red Forces ‘Ribs’ Ribs Box The Mid Liner ‘Chobi’ of the Mid Liner ‘Chobi’, which recorded the Pentaille, such as recording the Pentaille.

The jungle ‘Canyon’ Kim Gulwoo in the crew was held at the same time as the 300 match (set) and 200 wins in the confrontation between Guangdong Prix on the 25th.

Destiny 2: Growing tensional search guide

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has been launched and in addition to adding a new history, incursion, kind of weapon, you know, the usual. Next to him, of course, is Season of the Risen, a story focused on the tense relationship between the full forces of Caiatl and the vanguard, specifically Zavala. If you are here, you are probably asking you how to complete the Rising Tensions mission, which is not written as the best of the game, so it can be a bit confusing how to complete it and unlock the battlefield of psychological operations. seasonal content This is all you need to know to start Season of the Risen with this. Destiny 2: Rising Tension Search Guide .

Rising Tension Missions Guide – Destiny 2 Season of the Risen

The first thing is the first thing, even to start Rising Tensions, you must complete the introductory mission of The Witch Queen. It is wonderful, no doubt one of the longest missions of the game, but only flip the belt and ends once. It is not difficult while playing on classical difficulty.

Register with Ikora after the mission in Mars Enclave after completing this mission, and you will get Rising Tensions. However, despite having the mission in your inventory, you can advance until you have completed the next mission of Queen Witch, research. Then, you know what you should do, go ahead and complete the next mission. The mission can be launched from the same enclave, so put on the work.

Once you have completed that mission, talk to your new contact at Throne World (there is no spoilers here). They will give you the search for solid tests that will finally advance your search for Rising Tensions at a step where you can act separately from the search for The Witch Queen. It is not necessary for you to progress more in solid evidence if you do not want, although you should do it at some point.

Then, go to the Hangar area of ​​the Tower and interact with the stealth of Caiatl, near the Hangar wing of Saint-14. You will get a scene. After the scene, go to the Helm and interact with the war table there. You will have to do that twice for two separate scenes, one with Caiatl and another with Lord Saladin.

Rising Tension Missions Guide – Destiny 2: Season of the Risen

  • Complete the introductory mission of the witch Queen.

  • Complete the mission The Request Witch research from the enclave.

  • Accepts the mission solid evidence of the Throne World contact.

  • Go to the Tower Hangar area, interacts with the Stetely of Caiatl and look at the scene.

  • Go to Helm, interacts with War Table twice to get information from Caiatl and Lord Saladin.

Destiny 2: How to Get The DEAD MESSENGER! | Exotic Quest Guide!

  • Complete a PSIOPS BATTLEGROUND event in the Edge.

  • Return to Helm, interact with War Table to complete Rising Tensions.

At this point, you will have unlocked the Battlefield of Psiops on Earth in the Edz. Put it in the director’s tail and combine it. It is a matched activity and impossible to fail while you keep in it. It is not difficult at all. This is the seasonal activity of Destiny 2: Season of the Risen, so feel comfortable with her.

At the end, the last thing you should do to complete the Rising Tensions mission is to be informed by Lord Saladin in Helm in War Table once more. That’s it, you’ve completed the Rising Tensions mission.

That’s all you need to know for How to complete the Rising Tensions mission at Queen Witch and the resurrected season. To get more tips, tricks and answers to frequently asked questions, check our useful wiki guide for the year 5 of Destiny 2.

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Pokemon: These 10 opponents are particularly powerful

The Pokémon series is now rather known to be quite easy to be. It was not always like that! In the first generation, there were quite a few pocket monsters that could put the player properly under pressure. Provided one was not prepared accordingly.

Which Pokémon are most strongest?

Best Starter Pokemon to Pick in Every Game

We have put this question for the first Pokémon generation and collapsed in a picture range ten of the most powerful monsters . Both above-average good attacks , as well as excellent status values ​​ play a major role. In addition, we also show you which types were particularly superior in the first generation.

These ten Pokémon have brought you pretty sweating:

Some of the listed Pokémon are understandably very powerful due to their special position . For other candidates, it’s more surprising. In the end, however, this strong pokémon of the first generation give a certain challenge ** and you can proof as Pokémon trainers. After all, it is important in the role-playing game of or the very best!

How do you find our Pokémon ranking? Are you agreeing, or do you think another opinion? Write us in the comment area.

Where to find “Its nothing, but …” Another story in Lost Ark

On Tortoyk Continent of Lost Ark there are two quests Another Story. These are just the long chains of quests, but they are not hidden, like hidden quests. Other quests exactly tell you what to do, and simply act as long side missions.

Where is it “that’s nothing, but… another story”?

The quest is not on your way into the village of Mochoko, so it seems hidden. After you pass the forest with a cashew, turn to the western edge of the card, and not east. You will see three mockerels standing on the rock from the west side of the water. Come to the middle person to start this quest.

In this quest, you must visit the three marked places that will lead you to the village of Mochoko. We recommend performing this quest as soon as you get to the cake, because it will lead you to the village of Mochoko, so you are already walking along the route.

It may seem easy, but “other quests” should not be difficult, and they exactly tell you where to go and what to do. Quests “Another story” are designed to tell the player a story, and not challenge him.

Cyberpunk 2077 | Playthrough Part 04
Advanced Lost Ark Guides see How to cook lunch from Lutherrans dishes in Lost Ark or How to make exquisite seafood stew in Lost Ark right here in Pro Game Guides.

If you buy a PS store card for PS4 / PS5 for a certain amount, it will be further 10%. During the day of the family mart

From Family Mart on February 22, a limited time campaign for PS store cards has been started. After purchasing a fixed price of prepaid card at each FamilyMart store, it is a great campaign that can get a coupon code for 10% yen separately from the purchase. The period to be purchased is until February 28. Application itself is possible until March 1st.


I FOUND the first $100 PSN CODE GLITCH in 2022 (PSN CODES)
** PS store card 10,000 yen / 15000 yen

** Benefits:

** PS store card When purchasing 10,000 yen, coupon code 1000 yen
PS Store Card 15000 yen for purchase, coupon code 1500 yen

First of all, after the application procedure, PS store card 10,000 yen / 15000 yen is purchased at Family Mart, and after purchasing for 15,000 yen, access to the specified website. In accordance with the designation of the application form, the e-mail address and the end of the card back side bar code number are input. After that, by answering the questionnaire, the application is completed. After application, coupon code is displayed on the screen, and the special email is delivered for confirmation of the applicable e-mail address. The coupon code for 1500 yen is delivered with two codes for 1000 yen and 500 yen.

This campaign target is only 10,000 yen / 15,000 yen for PS store cards sold at the store. It is not covered by PS store card 1100 yen ticket, 3000 yen ticket, 5000 yen ticket, gift pack (2,200 yen), playstation plus (3 months used right, 12 months right). I would like to be careful because it does not cover the playstation store tickets that can be purchased on the FAMI port.

The number of applications is up to three times. PS Store Card If you purchase 3 pieces of 15,000 yen, you can get a coupon for up to 4500 yen. However, since the card amount can not be added and applied, one by one will proceed with the application procedure. The deadline for EnterStation Network’s account of the acquired benefit code is until March 31, 2022. If you receive it, let’s finish enter early. By the way, the upper limit of the wallet of the PlayStation Network account is 20,000 yen. If the balance of the wallet exceeds 20,000 yen, it should be noted that the coupon code can not be entered.

See here for application pages. The schedule for purchasing the campaign is until February 28, the application period is until March 1st.

What is the exact time of unlocking Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated video game releases in recent years. Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware and created in collaboration with George R. R. Martin, promises fans, especially fans of the Soulsborne genre, a fantastic new fantasy role-playing game with an open world.

Players who do not wait to plunge into the world of Elden Ring can count on the fact that the terms of global releases will differ. The image through the ancient ring-spinal account on Twitter provides several basic periods of release, but players should be followed by their time z1. We listed information for you below:

  • PT.
    • Console: February 24 – 21:00 on Pacific time.
    • PC: February 24 – 15:00 by Pacific time.
  • Kt.
    • Console: February 24 – 23:00 CT
    • PC: February 24 – 17:00 by Pacific.
  • Et.
    • Console: February 25 – Midnight local time.
    • PC: February 24 – 18:00 East time

How to play Elden Ring?

Elden Ring will be released on most of the main platforms, including PCs with Windows, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Release date – February 25, 2022. Players can pre-order the game on most of the main consoles.

Want to know what else you need to know before playing in Elden Ring, and want to know more? Check how big is the download of Elden Ring? In professional guidelines for the game!

Elden Ring presents its final trailer: 7 minutes of pure epic, war and destruction

There are only four days left for the premiere that is called to become one of the most commented and relevant videogames in the videogame sector; at leRingt, in 2022. Elden Ring is releRinged this Friday, February 25 With the aim of becoming the best Souls to date and, for this, the Miyazaki and Hideta Miyazaki team have remained these LRingt years macerating a work that is allowed to see now in seven minutes of history, Gameplay, chaos, darkness and extension.

Welcome to the intermediate lands; Welcome to Elden Ring

Because Elden Ring is going to be very large, full of secrets. “Alzate, Sinluz, and that grace guides you to embrace the power of Elden’s circle and light up Ring Lord of the Circle in the middlelands,” says the main synopsis of the title. It is that place, the middlelands, which will give you talk for weeks, perhaps months, in an immeRingurable title Ring much per scale and by content.

The video in question, completely in English, present the argumental context of the title, in which the Queen Márika governs the territory with the responsibility of keeping the Elden Ring protected. In the pRingt, descendants of Márika, all demigods, were immersed in the search for the fragments of the Elden Circle; What is known Ring Large Runes . It wRing like that when the corruption of the strength of these demigods caused a war: the devRingtation . “You who have died, but you live, with your grace time hRing lost, travel the path to the middlelands beyond the foginous sea to prostrate before the Elden circle”.

Bandai Namco hRing also begun to publish commercial videos on television, small ads of 30 seconds that demonstrate the interest that exists in the Japanese editor for making it one of the most distributed titles of the year. In the West, at the moment, expectation is maximum.

Elden Ring New Gameplay | Taipei Game Show 2022

Elden Ring will be releRinged worldwide next Friday February 25, 2022 at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. The title will come in physical and digital format in several editions of the hand of Bandai Namco. In a few days we can check if it hRing grooved or not our expectations.

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