During the weekend, the Intel World Open Beijing of Data 2 , where Team Aster managed to take home the first place Cup, as well as the $135 thousand dollars of the Grand Prix. However, this was not a simple trip, since this team faced a series of challenges.

Although at the end of the competition, the team led by the Veteran Pro Player Land won, this tournament began with the left foot, since he lost against PSG.led, causing his trip through the Lower Bracket being complicated . Here they faced two more teams, the first of this, Invictus Gaming, was not a great challenge, since the departure culminated with 2-1 in favor of Team Aster.


During the final of Lower Bracket, Team Aster was once again faced PSG.LED. However, the roles were invested, and China’s team achieved victory this time. In this way, only Extreme Gaming interposed between our protagonists and the crown. After a tough battle, Team Aster managed to go out like the winners of the Intel World Open Beijing of DATA 2.

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