Reverie Knights Tactics is now available on several platforms. This title combines a turn-based strategy with a fluid presentation of visual novel style. The result is a beautifully animated and hand drawn fantastic RPG. Better yet, this game also highlights a popular table RPG country setting.

The game takes place in the famous world of Norma, a Brazilian incredible role play campaign created for the first time in 1999. This means that this title has more than 20 years of history to draw on.

In this game, players will take control of four unique heroes and will make a way through a world devastated by the war. The clashes between the Goblin forces and Elves marked the Earth. To survive and succeed, players must make choices, shape their characters and impose itself.

Reverie Knights Tactics is an isometric adventure that charges you to save your loved ones from Lennon, the elusive city lost. At the same time, you have to fight Goblin’s horde that progresses through the continent. Lead a separate group of heroes in turn-based battles and run powerful team attacks to overcome your enemies.


Explore a vast card, unlock quests and find hidden objects. Then customize your characters and make a way through the scenario focused on the decisions of the game. First, you will make your own movements through the multiple fighting grids of the game. Then you react to the tactics of your opponents and develop pitfalls. Stay aware of the plans of your enemies, stop them in their momentum and overcome them in a battle of mind.

Reverie Knights Tactics also offers extensive exploration of the card and scenarios and a robust craft system. In other words, you can collect treasures throughout the game and create new objects and accessories. Then you can use your creations to get a tactical advantage when you reconfigure your characters.

Reverie Knights Tactics is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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