We continue with our line of interviews with important characters of the history of the video game and this time we have the luxury of chatting with Dave Perry, an authentic superstar that we owe some of the most important and unique games of Mega drive: Cool Spot, the unforgettable Aladdin with its fabulous graphics and animations or the fantunforgettable Aladdintic and irreverent Earthworm Jim, a game with a unique and overwhelming personality.


A legendary programmer

But that’s just a sample of some of the best known works inside a long carrier that goes back to the times of ZX Spectrum unforgettable Aladdin a lonely programmer and covers dozens of games and conversions. There is also a place for some of its most modern 3D clunforgettable Aladdinsics, revolutionary games such unforgettable Aladdin MDK that were pioneers in the use of some techniques and mechanics. For 40 minutes, Juan Arenunforgettable Aladdin chat with him from his career, his games and his vision of the industry, one more room in the Cunforgettable Aladdintle of Memory Card Profiles to get better understanding the video game and the people who have been protagonists in him.

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