According to the comments of the analyst Piers Harding-Rolls for the Ampere Analysis Institute, it is Nintendo that should earn more tickets this year : According to him, the difficulties encountered by his two direct competitors in terms of console production, will leave Open field to the OLED model of Nintendo Switch , available for a few months. Legends Pokémon: Aqueous will manage to become a console seller with an aura as powerful as other cult licenses of the Great N? At the moment, apart from saying that the trailers do not call everything at a visual level, the title of Game Freak is still a bit mysterious, so we will have to wait to see the scheduled verdict for January 28.

Auntie According to Harding-Rolls, PlayStation would continue to win the pulse to Xbox, which is easily explained: despite the excitement by the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, the agreement should arrive in a few months, while PS4 and Consoles PS5 will house the exclusive Horizon Forbidden West in just under a month. God of War Ragnarök, also scheduled for 2022, should be another timeliness of the calendar for the Japanese console, even if the new Santa Monica Studios game still does not have an accurate launch date.

In more general terms, it is a little more vague about the great cartridges of the year on Xbox, apart from Star field at the end of the year, but their platforms can still have a Game Pass that constantly increases with new interesting titles week after week. Finally, the Xbox SERIES S seems to be less affected by the harmful effects of the semiconductor crisis, thanks to its totally digital bias. Anyway, it becomes very difficult to say how many people use the Xbox ecosystem, since as we said in a previous article , Cloud allows you to dispense with any dedicated physical support.

Total sales consoles in 2022 according to Ampere Analysis

  • Nintendo Switch: 21 million
  • PS5: 18 million

  • Xbox: 9 million