On Tuesday, it starts again in the Iconic North America. After its extended Christmas break, NHL wants to secure the game mode using so-called Taxi Squads. The league and the player union NHLPA announced on Sunday. The club is now allowed to put together a maximum of six rental players comprehensive training group. This should guarantee that games do not have to be postponed for player defects.

For this, the NHL announced three more game statements. The Chicago Blackhawks planned for Tuesday against the Columbus Blue Jackets is also laid as the Corona Pandemic as the games on Wednesday between the Ottawa Senators with Tim Shuttle and the Boston Bruins as well as the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Pittsburgh Penguins. In total, 67 games were postponed this season.

It’s about test results and willingness

NHL Trade Rumours - Bruins, Flyers & Sharks + NHL Taxi Squads Return
The League and the NHLPA will continue to observe the test results and the willingness of teams, games in the coming days and weeks, said it in a statement. Different factors should be taken into account, as among other things, the risk of other infections within a team.

The Christmas break of the NHL had begun due to numerous Corona Falls last Wednesday. All parts terminated since the 23rd of December had been canceled. In addition, the league had decided not to free their stars for the Beijing Olympic Games (4 to 20 February) to be able to use the time window for catch-up games.