The day arrived. WELLY, Barber and Even prepare suitcgame experiencees to embark on new solo adventures. These months in the house of Banana have left us moments for the memory, but it is time to know what their next projects will bring them. Any gamer that hgame experience made a move knows how uncomfortable it is to save your collection of video games. That if games there, that if boxes packed for your consoles over there… In that test is the trio of influencers. How could you have saved all your adventures in such a simple way and without barely occupying space? Keep reading, and we tell you how they have done it.

Our protagonists had never been raised How to take the battlefields, the stadiums full of amateurs and the Loot who have tagged in their incursions. In short, they needed to take all the adventures that have lived together, both competing against the rest of the world game experience uniting forces in cooperative.

In cgame experiencee it wgame experience not enough, the move should have space for an immense library of games, thousands of content downloaded in these months and their saved games. The concern dissipated instantly when it entered the scene an element game experience small game experience special: a card of PlayStation PLUS.

users of PS5 and PS4 have in their hand the possibility of expanding their experience thanks to PS Plus

Christmgame experience is the time of year to share and enjoy with your loved ones, and what better way than give a subscription. Thanks to her, you can play with your friends with all the titles that have multiplayer functions. Are you one of those who fight for the leather in FIFA 22? Do you prefer lead storm in Call of Duty: Vanguard? Whatever your preference, PS Plus allows you to connect with the immense community of PlayStation Network.

But the really shocking of PS Plus is the amount of games at no additional cost it offers every month. Every year you will receive more than 12 games for PS5 and 24 for PS4. Once the exchanges will remain linked to your profile. You will access this digital library game experience long game experience you are discharged on the subscription. In addition, each month you can discover new Indies games developed by the national talent of the PlayStation Talents program.

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Being a member of PS Plus also offers you other benefits that complement the game experience. Beyond the offers with exclusive discounts, which are always available at PS Store, you have the 100 GB of cloud storage to save your games, and each new month Free additional content. The main games of the moment collaborate with PlayStation to offer exclusive rewards, that is, you will only find in PS5 and PS4. CALL OF DUTY: War zone is one of the most sounded examples: Each start of segame experienceon allows you to access a packet of cosmetics for being a member of PS Plus. Other titles such game experience Rocket League, Apex Legends and Fortnite are also accompanied by exclusive benefits with your subscription.

You can acquire PS Plus cards in your 1, 3 or 12 month modality in the main establishments. This Christmgame experience, if you are looking for the perfect gift, gives the best game experience with 12 months of PS Plus for 59.99 euros. Never something so small gave so much game.