The holidays are coming up fast ! It’s a time spent with family, eating chocolate, telling stories and dining more chocolate. A common tradition at this time of year is to release an old board game, to gather around the table and get lost in some cards. It is normal to have these nostalgic links with board games because they are often grouped with the holidays, but as we get older, we begin to realize how many games considered classics.

When people hear board game, they often think about Monopoly and assume that it is the definition of what is the board game; A tiring and excessive chore of several hours when no one really has fun. If you are part of these people, I’m happy to tell you: you are mistaken!

Modern board games are available in a variety of styles and mechanisms with literally thousands of games on the market. The trick is to try to find a new game for the holidays that is easy to learn, easy to play, and at which even your grandparents can participate and have a good time without competing on the payment of the rent, Boardwalk and go in prison. Here are 10 full family board games for the holidays.

A special note before this list : Monopoly style games, Satan, Exploding Kittens or Impress The Judge as Cards Against Humanity will not appear because it is the most common domestic games, and it is almost guaranteed that Someone you know has at least one. If you are looking for more family games like Cards Against Humanity, there are Apples to Apples for young children, or relative Insanity of Jeff Fox worthy, which is more addressed to adolescents and older. Yes, this Jeff Fox worthy.

One of the most recent games in this list, Happy Little Dinosaurs is a small cheeky card game for 2 to 4 players of Tee turtle (adorable and fun t-shirt) in which players compete to avoid Physical, natural and emotional disasters. It can be trampled, having a tree that falls on you or have a bad haircut. One of these disasters will be at stake at a time. Each player simultaneously plays a card numbered on the table; The highest number moves as many boxes on its tray, the lowest number wins the disaster. Simple? We have not finished yet!

Most numbered cards also have a capacity associated with manipulating the numbers played, and any player can play cards from his hand to disrupt them more. It may be to add or subtract points to any player or even forcing two players to exchange cards. The collection of one of each type of disaster or a breech eliminates you from the game. The first to 50 points or the last man standing wins. It has a wonderful sense of humor and works very well as a two-player game that you do not often find. There is also an extension that places the game up to six players in which all the added disasters are linked to puberty.

A little on the nose, but rest assured, this game was originally published in 2015 and has only changed the way the cooperative board games are produced today. Pandemic is a game for 2 to 4 players using a tray with a map of the world. Four terrible diseases are trying simultaneously, and it’s players to work together and heal the world. At the beginning of each turn, cards are drawn that will spread diseases in more and more cities, however, a typical tower does not imply that each player plays his turn, but all the actions of the players are completed simultaneously. If a person in your group is a follower of strategy games, she can become the leader to suggest shares. However, nothing is done as long as everyone does not agree on his actions in this turn.

It means playing with the dear old grandmother or the little boy who just wants to be part of the pleasure, well now you can advise them on their options and explain how to work together for the greatest good. The game is designed to be difficult, and you will probably lose many times before doing things well, but win is so nice when you succeed. The pandemic is also established, so that once you have eradicated two of the four diseases, the other two are probably endemic. This creates a fantastic tension until the last turn. There is a reason why it is a new staple of the game and why so many developers have been inspired by this type of cooperative model.

Passing to something less intense, Dungeon Mayhem is a simple and lightweight game for 2 to 4 players and is based on the universe DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. Fortunately, you need not know anything about D & D and the game is very easy to learn and enjoy. The basic game includes four small decks where everyone represents a different character: Else Paladin, Human Sorcerer, Mifflin thief and barbaric half-orc. The players each have 10 points of life and turn their turn to pick and play a map to try to meet, the last man standing wins.

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These cards have a very simple iconography on what each card makes, and each player receives a check-in to remind him of these actions. Players can treat the damage, attack, set up shields, draw an extra card or use their special capacity. Many cards will display up to four icons, which means players can perform all actions on said card, and each Deck is custom designed to reflect the character and class it represents. There are two extension packs for Dungeon Mayhem, one adding two Balfour gate characters and another adding six playable monsters, which means you can have up to 12 people in an epic battle until the end. The game lasts only 10 to 15 minutes, but most people are so captivated by humorous art and strange powers that players often exchange characters and decks to try new things.

Are you nil at Bluff Games? Perfect! At Fake Artist Goes to New York is a completely different Bluff game for 5 to 10 players, and it’s quite small to fit in your pocket. Each player receives a different color pen and a category is written on each erase dry card except one. These are mixed and distributed to each player. A sheet of paper is placed in the center of the group where each person draws a single consecutive line on the page with the goal that everyone works together to draw an image of what was on the map. Do you see where it leads? A person has a blank card and has no idea what everyone is trying to draw, so she must add something to blend in the rest and hope she will not be discovered.

Each player will have two chances to add to the drawing before his pens fall, and the group must look at the image and vote for whom, according to him, is the false artist who had no idea what he was doing. It’s hilarious and simple, surprisingly limiting with only the addition of two lines, and the more people who can not draw, the better it is because it only adds to confusion. It is a very easy game to explain to any family member and the final pictures of Frankenstein also worth laughing.

One of the most recognizable Euro games, Carcassonne is a strategy game for 2 to 5 players perfect for playing with a cup of tea and a light conversation during the holidays while the little ones rush into the house to burn their rush to the sugar. This is a tile laying game in which players build the French countryside. The tiles must be placed with adjacent elements, for example. Grass, city in town, road, etc. When a player puts a tile, he can decide to leave one of his colored wooden pawns on a feature of this specific tile. There are four ways to earn points in this way: place a pawn on the road makes it a bandit, in the city is a knight, on a monastery is a priest, and lengthen the pawn in the grass is a farmer.

Everyone has a different means of gaining points, but until this criterion is filled, the people must remain in place, so it’s always a bet to know when and where to place them. As a tile laying game, Carcassonne lends itself to an infinite replayability because the plateau is constantly changing. The game also offers more than a dozen extension packs, each adding two to four new mechanisms and features that can be used in a variety of combinations. It’s a hearty game to play for half an hour, the artwork is beautiful, and it’s as simple as: Place a tile, do I want to put a people? Does this tile complete the task of a people currently placed? The next player’s turn.

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