The most popular browser game (such a title advertises GAME) has increased by 7 new special servers.

What about such special ones in them?

These are temporary worlds ( they live only a few weeks) acting on increased parameters… sometimes even twenty times. Grinding or Farmer will no longer be such a problem as before.

Speed ​​of economics 20x (production of raw materials, construction of buildings, yards)
Test speed X40
Speed ​​of 5x room fleets clone but fast server 20x
War FLOT 5x
Speed ​​defensive fleets 6x
70% scrap from destroyed ships will hit the field of destruction
0.5 Dexter combustion
+30 fields
Active load capacity of spy probes

The best players from a given server can count on physical and virtual prizes. Game forge prepared: 1 Tube Game, 1 Game Leash, command staff for 3 weeks, 1x 50 euro coupons to be used in the game etc.

Each of the important language versions received one such world. In this group, of course, Poland is, because Game was, he is and will probably be a very popular title.

Details here.