Top 7 Girls in BEAT SABER (Imagine Dragons, PSY, K/DA ...)

The Smile Gate said on the 16th, the VR Game Platform ‘Stoves VR’ for its store has added a new game Sax Riders. Finest Riders is a VR-based dance rhythm game released in July 2018, and it is characterized that anyone can easily enjoy a brilliant four-on-white stage. It has a variety of stages inspired by ‘retro’ and you can play with friends with single and multiplayer support. Meanwhile, Stove VR is continuously showing a variety of new titles, including adding a roller coaster VR game Thrills & Chills, which allows a roller coaster VR game to be thrilled on November 30th on November 30th. For more information on stove VR and Sines Riders, see the Stove VR official website.