The Studio Stray Bombay, which was established by Chest False, which was a writer in the LEFT 4 DEAD series, is currently under development, The Analysis is located 2022. It announced that it started early access from the 13th of the month.

In this work where the atmosphere of the 70s style has a huge spacecraft, four survivors face the large group of aliens. Gameplay features an AI Driver replay property and classic SF-style weapons, and parks that change the play method.

The same battle is never twice

The Analysis his AI Driver, regardless of his level of skill, appears all the enemies so that all players can challenge and enjoy, guide each boss, and place weapons and gadgets. Drivers produce the best gaming experience that wants to play with friends.

Fight with aliens with fantastic weapons

Classic Use his SF-style weapons’ weapons to face aliens threats. Buy SHIELD GRENADE that raises the shield while leaving the Basis Grenade and enemies that can earn time, or use RESPAWNED to live back friends.

Change the way to win new benefits

Let’s collect compilers that have given throughout the game and get various benefits that can change the play method. You can enhance your favorite guns and apply them to the entire utility.

Let’s survive from the spread of alien

A huge company carried humanity to the end of the universe. Humanity was lived in a Villa with thousands of galaxies where there is no intellectual life body. Until the disaster is hit! Let’s live from a large group of aliens

This survival is only the beginning

The Analysis season 1 advances four survivors of different types, Tessa, Guion, Liu, and Lance Nos tree. They are taught to participate in unwanted combat to protect humanity from aliens-threats.

The Analysis will be delivered at Steam / Epic Games Store / Microsoft Store (Windows 10 / Xbox Series X | S). The Microsoft Store version is subject to the Xbox Game Pass / PC Game Pass. In the STEAM page, MOD correspondence is stated, and signed up for early access to the MOD tool is accepted.

Back For Blood-PS4 [Online]
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Back For Blood-PS5 [Online]

Xbox Games Showcase Extended
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