The Twitch Streamer Kristina K1ka Music died on Wednesday, December 8th. The Sermon was formerly half-professional player in CS: Go, on Twitch streamed mainly League of Legends. The streamer was only 21 years old.

That was K1ka as a twitch streamer:

The Sermon designated itself as Semi-Professional CS: Go Spieled, who is now League of Legends. She had participated in 2 matches at the Copenhagen Games Female in 2018 and 2019.
On Twitch she had 44,687 followers, most often streamed there League of Legends.
On December 1, she completed a nearly four-hour stream to Lol, at the end of which she passed from her spaces. They come back tomorrow. K1ka said goodbye with air cuddles and said they love their viewers. It was the last stream.

So one learned from her death: A message about Instagram informed that the dear friend and the angel died on the evening of 08.12.2021. The family, friends and fans were spoked to his condolences.

It is said that it is now a hard time, and you want to keep the memory of K1ka alive.

Andriana, who manages the Instagram account of K1ka, wrote: If one suffers thoughts of suicide Here or depression, you should search for someone to talk. One is not alone.

While many twitch streamers also posted K1KA regularly on Instagram. She wrote in one of her last post: she said, Where are we going? — I said to the moon. The post received 131,000 Like information

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Depression and the handling are a vital topic

So are the reactions: The death of the young streamer dismisses many users on Twitter: under their last post on Twitter, the announcement of a live stream on Twitch, there are numerous tweets with peace in peace, it will be one Virtual candle ignited.

On Twitch, people cut clips from earlier streams of K1ka and post under the title Miss U — I miss you.

Mental health, depression and handling are important, yes, vital topics — also and especially under content creators.

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