Hallo (German: Heiligenschlights ) is an ego shooter video game collection, whose specific parts of Bungee, 343 Industries and also the ensemble studios for Microsoft Games, today Xbox Video game Studios were developed.

The main form of currency you will earn during your adventure through Zeta Halo is infinite value of Halo. This coin does not work as money in other open world experiences, because it will not spend it strictly. In this guide we will explain How to get value in Halo Infinite and what it is for.

Get value in Halo Infinite

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To achieve value in Halo Infinite, complete one of the missions of the main history, rescues the UNSC Marines from all over the map, destroys the prohibited bases or eliminates great value objectives.

All these activities will give you its value, but the amount varies according to the activity you complete. For example, you will earn 350 of value for each of the main missions that you complete, but you will only earn 100 value for saving the NSC Marines.

You can find out how much value will win with an activity by opening your card, selecting the activity you want to complete and then watching the number next to the star icon with wings that appears just below the name of the activity.

At the end of an activity, the value will be added automatically to its accumulated total.

What is the value for?

The value is a cumulative coin in Halo Infinite. Every time you win it, it is added to its accumulated total, which is used to unlock new vehicles and weapons that you can call your FOB.

You can check how much value you have won and what allowed you to unlock by pressing the View button on your Xbox controller and pressing FOB.

It should be noted that it is not spending value. The vehicles and weapons that unlock with it are carried out in an established order, indicated by the rail on the FOB screen.

That’s all you need to know How to get value at Halo Infinite and what it serves. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or consult more information about the coverage of our campaign below.

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