According to an article from Washington Post, whose information was then partially confirmed by Activision, the American publisher would be in the process of one-third of the Quality Assurance Department of its Studio Raven Software, which manages the development of the very Lucrative Call of Duty War zone. Precarious employees, who discover through individual interviews if they are rewarded with a fixed contract.

I am disgusted. We promised for months to my friends of quality assurance at Raven than Activision worked to rebound the salary grid to improve their wages. And today, one to one, valuable members of This department have been summoned to announce that we would not keep them. These were the words of Austin O’Brien, Associate Community Manager this December 3 to confirm what was running on the Raven Software side in Wisconsin. Since the 3rd and until tomorrow, December 8, several quality assurance employees of the studio, employees via temporary contracts as is often the case in the United States, are convened for individual interviews, during which they discover If they lose their jobs, or if they drop out a stable contract. Always according to the information of the post, the employees in the first case would be paid until January 28, but could leave before if they wish.

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This decision is part of a very successful new fiscal year, which has signed a turnover of $2 billion in the third quarter of the year. Contacted by Kodak, the publisher A, as it was already the case for the closure of his venting antenna, justified this cut by a wider restructuring and an increase of its overall investment in its development and operations resources. We convert approximately 500 temporary contracts into stable contracts in the coming months. Unfortunately, as a result, we have also notified 20 temporary workers of our studios that their contracts would not be renewed, has explained a spokesman. At the US site, without giving more contexts to these numbers.

The Raven Software QA team also released its own press release, stating that 12 people have seen their contract not renewed on December 3, others are still in uncertainty. According to their testimony, nothing would have been reproached for these 12 employees in terms of quality of work or behavior. The editors also specify that this new arrives after five weeks of overtime and at the dawn of a Crunch of the end of the year. Always according to their words, the supervision of the QA Department — workers often poorly paid, poorly considered — repeatedly announced positive changes to come in their section — an argument used by Activision not to unlock promotions or increases. Wages at the beginning of the year 2021.

Activision fired multiple Raven Software employees

Sixty Raven Software employees, from the QA department but also from the rest of the studio, therefore decided to participate in a strike this Friday, December 3 to protest against this decision and require full-time integration and with a stable contract of all concerned employees.

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