Code masters and Electronic Arts give February 25, 2022, as the official release date for GRID Legends known. The action-packed racing game will offer a wide variety of game modes, including an extensive career mode with over 250 events, the story mode Driven to Glory, the return of drift and elimination race and the new Electric Boost race.

Drivers of all skill levels can now set the start behind the wheel of more than 100 vehicles to drive on classic tracks and at known locations throughout the world races and thanks to the hop in features in seconds in the cross-platform multiplayer with friends and rivals associate.

GRID Legends is next PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via Steam and Origin) for Xbox Series X | be available S and PlayStation. 5 Pre-orders the Deluxe or Standard Edition will receive the exclusive content of the Seneca & Rave West -Doppelpacks.

GRID Legends offers more gameplay possibilities than any previous GRID titles, including the return of the desired by the community drift mode and the popular fans’ elimination race in which all the pressure on the shoulders of the driver loaded at the end of the field and where excrete periodically driver, until only one remains.

The new Race Creator allows the player according to your wishes multi-class matches to organize, where meet different vehicle types. So unique racing moments that can be further personalized by changing the weather conditions and time of day, and adding ramps or boost portals arise in any race.

Driven to Glory is throwing a realistic motorsport history, the players at the deep end, while the teams in the GRID World Series against each other. Driven to Glory was developed with the help of virtual production technology and with the participation of the award-winning actor Cut Fatwa.

Through the use of real actors instead of the motion capture process and thanks to the mixing of film sequences and racing challenges, the story comes to life. After the finale of the act of progress is in the career mode on and opened a series of new events.

GRID Legends features an improved multiplayer system that provides the race and getting together with friends in the center of the experience. The game not only supports cross-platform gameplay but informs about when players are online and enables the start of a race with only three short keystrokes.

GRID Legends | WORLD-FIRST Gameplay & More Revealed!

Waiting for a friend request and waiting in lobbies come to an end — Race start almost immediately after they were selected.

Now that the start date is set, the studio our most extensive GRID game adds the finishing touches, said Chris Smith, GRID game director at Code masters. GRID Legends is an action-racing game with uncomplicated game entry, focused on variety and choice. It keeps an extensive career mode, a new innovative story mode and a Race Creator willing allowing the player to make use of extensive customization capabilities race just as they imagine. Our new hop in gameplay also makes it possible to spend in seconds to connect and more time on the track and less time in lobbies.

GRID Legends advance

GRID Legends Standard Edition — 69.99 Euros
GRID Legends: Deluxe Edition — 89.99 Euros

Pre-order get the GRID Legends Seneca & Rave West-double. This content is available from the publication and switches four additional vehicles for career events free: Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Porsche 962, Ginette G55 GT4 and Königsberg Jesus.

In addition, the package exclusive Rave West career events and exclusive Seneca and Rave West team symbols -Lackierungen and banners can be designed to adjust the vehicles and put online on display contains.

Update: It was also known that provides GRID Legends the following features:

Online Multiplayer (2-22)
Xbox — Multiplayer across platforms
4K Ultra HD
Single Player
Intergenerational multiplayer on Xbox Live
60 fps +
120 fps
Dolby Atmos
Optimized for Xbox Series X | S
Intelligent transmission

Here is the official gameplay trailer to see: