GROCERY GRAHAM, let’s welcome the ladle — a new playable class that came to Maple Story with ~~ yesterday’s patch.

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Lara is a young woman with a small, isolated village, which for the first time sets out into the world to meet the prophecy of his people. A young Lara has long been friends with cheerful and friendly ghosts that wander around Near. When he travels the city full of thieves, bandits, cheaters, poor and exploited, will he get involved among his dangers… or her clean heart will get the best of those who encounter?

Let me do intricate you a tasty description of this character. Lara is a powerful fairy who, with the help of his merry and friendly of the drugs, does a bloody pulp from opponents. Lara to DPS, but also support, because some of its skills are a defensive character consisting in reducing injury and team protection.

The first wand of Mary is a wand and another ornament.

In Maple Story you will play here.