Although it has been known since the announcement in the summer that the new racing game Grid Legends should appear during the next year. There is no concrete release date yet. However, that will be changing soon, because Code masters and Electronic Arts are organizing a developer livestream this week.

Gameplay to Grid Legends

As Code masters announced in a tweet, the starting signal for the stream falls on 3 December 2021 and thus tomorrow. To 17: 00 pm German time should start, then everything revolves around the racing game Grid Legends. The stream takes place in the official YouTube channel.

Release date of Grid Legends

According to developers, it will the first presentation of Gameplay material from Grid Legends (Buy Now €79.99). Accordingly, you can finally throw a closer look at the rapid gameplay and thus can give you a first impression of the racer.

Furthermore, Code masters wants to announce some new details of the content and the individual features, which is likely to give you a better overview of what awaits you at Grid Legends so everything. Also to the individual cars, the locations and the In game events, there will be tangible information.

In addition, the announcement of the concrete release date is on the program. From tomorrow, you therefore know exactly what date you have to paint in the calendar in the calendar. Maybe there is even a new trailer to see you can lead to your rest after the end of the stream in peace.

Source: Code masters

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