At the U 19 of Borussia Dortmund stabilized a personnel: Jamie Bynoe-Gittens celebrated his virtual match debut this season. The 17-year-old had to fit this season because of a ribbon tear in the ankle.

It was also Bye Kittens, the lead in the 22nd minute after a school booking counter. But instead of dragging and refurbishing, black-yellow gradually let and the offspring of sports came into the game and better. The reward of the increase in performance was the quick compensation by Hermit (26th). FORTRAN wowed the game back and forth. The Portuguese were technically fogged, partly but to play. The BVB acted a fragile and cheered in the 41st minute over a supposed goal of Fink. But referee Jose Luis Manuela Montero and his team decided on the offside. Twisted decision, with which it went to the cabins at 1: 1.

BVB U19 - Sporting U19 0:0 | Highlights | UEFA Youth League
Sporting finds the red thread

Without a personal change, it continued after the side change. However, not for a long time, because already in the 48th minute Nwachukwu came to the game for the samba injured at the thigh. Sporting then found the red thread, the ball ran skillfully through the ranks of the Portuguese, the BVB juniors ran ball and opponents mostly afterwards. Only after Merino scored the lead for sporting in the 56th minute, the BVB gathered again and bot Parole.

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But in the middle of the Dortmund’s penetration phase, Sporting struck again: Ribeiro’s shot could ward off Keeper Ostrzinski, but he was powerless (81.) against the subsequent header Ribeiro. But the BVB was still not beaten, after preliminary work of Eliza, Fink achieved the 2-3 connection goal (90. + 4). But it should not be enough.

Due to the defeat, the Dortmund U 19 (seven points) on December 7 is a final against Besides (3). In the other duel, Ajax (10) and Sporting (8) are opposite.