OLD EXOTICS Destiny 2 to bring back is not so easy. Gjallarhorn has also received dramatic adjustments for his return in December. Only the heart of the weapon is invoked. Nevertheless, players will have a damn good time as Joe Blackburn, Buggies Game Director, promises.

The Weapon That BROKE the Internet: The Gjallarhorn - Destiny 2
When the Gjallarhorn returns to Destiny 2, a circle closes. With the exotic rocket launch, some players combine their best memories in Destiny. Now the time has come to have this revive and thus collect new memories.

What makes this weapon so special? Gjallarhorn, an exotic rocket launcher, could shoot small target-seeking projectiles, the so-called pack floors. But these were not released on the opponent if your rocket hit it. The smaller bullets also caused explosion damage. The effect comes to the rocket launcher Eyes of tomorrow, right.

If the big anniversary with 30-year-bungie starts on December 07, this icon is finally available from Destiny 1. Many D1 veterans expect this moment for a long time and new players can look forward to.

The weapon is simply a legend and that of several reasons:

The rocket launcher was rare. Very rare.
Anyone who finally possessed Gjallarhorn was quasi a god under the keepers.
His damage was so enormous that he could surround and break game mechanics.
The firepower of the pack floors powdered RAID bosses in seconds.
He was like the Golden Ticket to the toughest endgame activities.

Fun-FACT: The Gjallarhorn is the only weapon in Destiny, which has its own holiday, the G-Day. He is celebrated annually on August 14th. To return to the Gallagher, Bungee also brings a NERF version of the legendary rocket launcher on the market. With the Nerf Ltd Destiny Gjallarhorn Blaster, players can shoot their real opponents with foam arrows.

How good is the Gjallarhorn still after his rework?

With such an iconic and legendary image, some players ask themselves whether the Gjallarhorn can still meet his former call.

Bungee also emphasizes in this context, the Gjallarhorn will come back in no way underlyerized. But not the opposite of it. You do not want to let the players play with it for a week so that they bring everything in the game to melt. Only in order to send a march flying body and to say creates the thing out of here!.

Joe Blackburn, Buggies Game Director, gives the following information in an interview:

We are always worried if we bring something from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2. Hey, that’s what happens to Hype? I’m quite confident that we will work that, and I’m confident that you will enjoy a lot of joy.

Joe Blackburn | Game Director of Bungee

Gjallarhorn will benefit from the rocket launcher buff: Really (how bungee calls the rocket launcher lovingly), was therefore very carefully updated for the Destiny-2-Sandbox. The developer wants to raise the iconic status of the weapon to the next stage. She has to fit the current sandbox and meta.

Here you can not forget that rocket launcher have a big buff this year. So the Gjallarhorn is just in time, to make still Mitzumische.

Joe Blackburn then adds:

It will be the absolute min-max the best weapon. [Minimum the best thing the players want to have and maximum the best thing the players will need.] So you can always say someone: Hey, that’s one of the best weapons in Destiny and you will always have a good time when You use it. If I say even more now, the sandbox team will probably come and kill me!

Joe Blackburn | Game Director of Bungee

Bungee promises the players, with the continuation of his icon in 2021, a version of the cult rocket launcher that should meet expectations.

When does the cult-exotic return to Destiny 2? No longer long and the players can try out the Gjallarhorn himself on the bosses in Destiny 2 and form their own opinion, how good bungee has done this task. On December 07, 2021, it is so far. Destiny-2 players, however, have to have the 30-year bungee package.

Will the Gjallarhorn still be able to meet his former call? Finally, Bungee is also successful with the Vex osteoclast, though very bumpy return of a cult weapon. Or do you think the Gjallarhorn can not be curved and will bring the game to melt as Celeste 3.0?