Each time there is less so that PS5 and PS4 players can become Spider-Man within Marvels Avengers. The most famous climbers of the comic publishers premiered exclusively for PlayStation on November 30, but before, and thanks to the colleagues of IGN United States, we have been able to see a complete advance on how he will fight his battles in the Square Enix video game.

It is a five-minute gameplay where we see the Alter-Ego of Peter Parker to face different Squadrons of Soldiers of I.MA. (AIM) Together with other members of the Avengers such as Black Panther, Miss Marvel, etc., all with their characteristic movements of Rolling with cobwebs, as well as their ability to run and climb the walls of the scenarios of the adventure.

Obviously, and as they point out in IGN, the freedom of movement offered Marvels Avengers to Spider-Man has no point of comparison with the view at Marvels Spider-Man of Insomniac Games, so those who wait to swing from a building To another until touching the sky with his hands, as he says, maybe they feel something disappointed, something expected given the scenarios of the video game. For the rest, the gameplay lets us see Spider Use A complete Arsenal of Skills.

Spider-Man: a great power

Recall that Spider-Man lands at Marvels Avengers with The Hero Spider-Man event: great power. This, unlike operations, does not include a history campaign, so its narrative arch will be counted through a combination of kinematics, dialogues and a chain of documents. The content will be available this November 30, remember, only in the PlayStation version.

Meanwhile, a few months ago it was confirmed for PS5 Marvels Spider-Man 2, while Marvels Spider-Man Miles Morales continues to be timeline from time to time among the best-selling games on the market, confirming the success of spin-off. Recently he also came out at Marvels Guardians of Galaxy stores.