Riot Games Publishing Label Laying Foggy 17 days Fallen King: League Wang: League Bra Story (Molded King) I launched it.

Lion Poor released the fallen king with the Nintendos location, the Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, with the steam, and the Epic Games Store. It is also expected to be released with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S.

Magic Engineering Aura has been launched on a PC with a steam,, and Epic Games Store, with Nintendo Switch. You can also see the Netflix Mobile app soon.

Both games are a game based on the background of the League of Legends background. The Hunter Worldview was also known as media content such as music, music videos, cinematic and animation based on various stories.

Store is a new game that utilizes the competence and competence of experience and competence and leverages a new game that utilizes the Cit rile Worldview. The first reciprocity in Riot POI was developed by the COMIC Artist Joe Mather air, a jointly established at the air-profit synthesis. Magic Engineering Aura was developed by Choice Providence made by a bit trip series.

RAIs Trojan RPG The Fallen King is the background of the Billjirter and the Shadow Islands area. The user experiences a team with six champions and experienced the process of keeping the Billie Water from the black fog of the shadow district. The story that tangled in the Bitter and the Shadow Islands stimulates the curiosity of the Current World Pan and the player with a story that was not released ahead. Through the fallen king, you can see new stories, figures, characters in your area.

The user shall form a Miss Fortune, Ila oi, Bra, Pike, ARI, and Yahoo, a character, a character that is highly popular in the Hunter World Veteran. You can see the gifts that play games and have six champions that have been gathered by Biljiewater. In addition, it is also possible to identify the backlash of the cinematic video soul flower released in 2020.

GeoEye-2 Launch Animation

Magic Engineering Asian is a game that runs the back of the Fit Overlaid of explosion as a background, and the back alley of the Folk Undergraduate President and Field Over, and to hit the rhythm, and avoid the obstacles, and avoid the enemy and hit the bomb to hit the beat.

Playing the game to match the beat of the music, the Freestyle Secular System works. At the same time, the beautiful explosion occurs in the continuity and embryo the filter over with fireworks. Colorful visuals, graphics, and effects take the three beats of the fantasy.

Store is planning to expand the demand for the Camera Worldview through the game. In 2022, the game will also be released as a background of Dalmatia. In addition, a rich story that views the championships in the Camera World Veterans continues to be disclosed.