The Saints Row Reboot got DELAYED. New Release Date. Saints Row News.
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February 2022 will be a month loaded with great releases. However, it was recently announced that one of the titles planned to arrive in this 28-day period has been delayed. That s right, Volition has confirmed that the new SAINTS ROW has changed as a launch date.

By means of an unexpected shared communicate on last night, it has been revealed that the SAINTS ROW REBOOT will no longer be available on February 25, 2022, as originally planned. This delivery will now reach August 23, 2022. In the message, it was mentioned that this change is due to problems caused by the pandemic. This was what was commented about:

Our priority is to create the best Saints Row game so far and, if we throw it on the original date, it would not be up to the standards we have set ourselves and that you wait and deserve. The team only needs more time to do justice to our vision; We are making some adjustments and there will be now many changes in the game outside general quality and polishing.

With all honesty, we underestimate the impact that COVID-19 would have in our schedule, although all adapted very quickly to the work settlement from home and continued to be incredibly productive.

Be sure that there will be no change in history or in the characters or at all that we have imagined with love during the last years and that we have already shared with you.

The Reboot of SAINTS ROW was announced during the Opening Night Live of Games Com 2021, and will be the first game in the series from SAINTS ROW 4 in 2013. Hopefully this is the only great change that this development suffers. On related topics, here you can see an extensive gameplay of this title.

Editor s note:

While the delay of a game is everything but a novelty today, at least the developers are doing everything possible to deliver their vision as they wish. Hopefully the new concrete launch date will achieve, although if not the case, nor would it be a surprise.