2K Gaming is a distribution tag of the video game Publishers Take 2 Interactive established in Manhattan/ New York in Manhattan/ New York. The seat was moved to Novato, California in 2007.

Riot Games Publishing Label Riot POI on 17th, debut Single Player RPG Games Fallen King: League of Legend Story (Leading King) Rhythm Runner Game Magic Engineering Astral Length: League of Legend Story (Hereinafter referred to as Magic Engineering Astral) released two species.

The Fallen King was developed by the Comic Book Artist Joe Mather air, a jointly established at the air-assistance syntax. The League of Legend (Roll) (Roll) is the background of the Hijacker and the Shadow Islands area of ​​the IP, and the game is the game of the six-piece role champion and team, and the game of palling the secrets of black fog. Cinematic video appears as the final boss of the rain that was released in the Baeldung La.

The fallen king will provide a high immersion for the player with a solid story. The first story about the Billion Water and the Shadow Islands that the story update was not done, reveals the first time in the Roll IP and strengthens the Champion s Stagnation. You can easily understand and enjoy new players that are the first time you first encounter your existing fans and players, as well as roll IP.

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In addition, the first game elements that are first seen for those who are familiar with roll IP appears. The new character and enemy, and creators in the Dungeon, which are the background of the Bitter and the Shadow Article, enhanced the RPG game down exploration elements.

Magic Engineering Aura was developed by Choice Providence made by a bit trip series. Tianjin Yodel Champion is a game of a bomb jump and attacks with a bomb jump to the beat of a light music to make the Feature Over as an Aura.

The fallen king is released on a PC through a steam, GOG.com, and Epic Games Store, with Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4. The player who purchased the Wang Standard, Deluxe, and Collector Edition within 30 days after its release, can receive a weapon, which is a weapon for Yahoo in the game.

Magic Engineering Aura is released on a PC through Nintendo Switch and Steam, GOG.com and the Epic Games Store, and you can also see it in the Netflix Mobile app. If you have Netflix membership, you can enjoy the magic engineering Asian without additional costs or an app settlement.

On the other hand, Riot AJI also released new information on the scheduled schedule. Single Player Adventure Game Single Player Adventure Game, who is talking about the story of Nun and Galumph, who traveled to the journey, and the singing of the League of Legend story (Song of the League of League) Single Player 2D to explore the Action Platform Games Time / Cross: League of Legend Story (time / intersection) will be released in 2022.

Riot Position officials said, We will strengthen cooperation with the more diverse developers in the future, I will strengthen collaboration with the more diverse developers in the future, I will also show you a new work to the Damask area. I would like to ask you.

Detailed information on Riot Page debut and release schedules can be found on the official website and YouTube.