Although for many the second game of F-Zero was the delivery of Nintendo 64, the Japanese market arrived BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 in 1997. This title was only available through the SatellaView, a service that It allowed super AMISOM players to obtain new games and additional content on a weekly basis. Now, A collector is offering a great reward for a series of tracks that are in this way.

Porthgeidwad is a conservationist who currently is offering $5 thousand dollars on the tracks of Forest I, Forest II, Forest III, Metal Fort I and Metal Fort II, which are exclusive to BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2. The collector has pointed out that it does not matter if this treasure is provided in its physical state or by means of a ROM. This was what was commented about:

These Rom come from BS-X memory packets. The strange thing is that for F-Zero in SatellaView is that it is under a type of file different from normal called Sound link. These in the first appearance in the cart when they light up do not show / reproduce this type of file, so the only way to know if it is exists is to dump the information of the BS-X packets and see them on a PC.

It is known that BS-X memory packets suffer from data degradation (the so-called bit putrefaction ) and that, if they are not discarded now, there is a possibility that they have been damaged. More like a lottery at this time. If you have a BS-X cart out there without apparently nothing, download the information and see if it contains something.

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Porthgeidwad has pointed out that half of this reward will come out of him, and the other $2,500 dollars will be provided by a person who wants to stay anonymous. While there is material that tests the existence of these clues, It seems that getting a copy of BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 with this material is something difficult to get especially in the West.

On related topics, a veteran product from Nintendo points out that F-Zero has not died. In the same way, Gran N rejected a proposal from a realistic F-Zero.

Editor s note:

The entire SATELLAVIEW BS line is one of the most mysterious Nintendo. It would be interesting to see if the great one someday is encouraged to launch a collection of these games, something that would do the work of conservation much easier.