It is always a question of the perspective in the evaluation of recent results. One has been unbeaten since three games (including DFB Cup, Note d. Red.) And offensively not so bad, finds 96-coach Jan Zimmermann. But you could only watch the last league games and would come to the lean balance of six games without victory and lean three points.

Could you withstand the pressure?
So Zimmermann also knows in front of the game on Friday night against the SC Paderborn: Of course, the pressure is there. We are now about the relegation and descent place. Of course, we have pressure and make us pressure and also know when we play the game on Friday Do not win, the pressure will get bigger. For this we do not need a mental trainer now to find out.

A mental trainer was still invited at the beginning of the week. But there was more commonly spoken. How is everyone going around with his profession? As with the career? The resonance of the players was very positive. I also pulled out a few totally positive things out there. I think it can not be harmed, let s reflect and get input. Try to further develop the players.

Mentality, of course, you also bring yourself with success experiences

Overall, the subject of mentality is very complex. Because self-confidence is part of mentality. Of course, mentality is also getting with success experiences. The self-confidence falls, if you have no success experiences, White Zimmermann around the connection and looks at this point as a coach. There is also my job to create a positive mood and atmosphere so that players are also confident in the games. If you have no positive moments, it is difficult to score a strong mentality.

Zimmermann feels backing of child

The players thus get the backing of the coach, which is very convinced of his team. But what about the backing for Zimmermann? I m not worried, he said in the interview with the Zimmermann last. Martin Child and Marcus Man make me feel that we want to get that together. Finally, one has common medium-term goals.

But Zimmermann knows himself that it s all about being successful in the short term. If there is no victory against Paderborn, even a descent place threatens if the competition should win.